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If the streets had filled with — often rioting — protesters denouncing Obama’s legitimacy right after the election in 2008, he wouldn’t have said a thing. And if George W. Bush had refused to denounce them, the press wouldn’t have soft-pedaled it at all. . .

But I’m sure Trump’s fine with it, as it’s just helping build his mandate. If they keep this up for four years, he’ll be re-elected in a landslide.

Glenn Reynolds
November 18, 2016
THE HILL: Obama won’t call off anti-Trump protesters.
[What the protesters don’t get is that Trump won, in part, because of their childish behavior. The left is mostly composed of condescending, insulting, hypersensitive, bullies. Trump was willing to stand up to them and put them in their place. Trump may be a bit of a bully himself, but he didn’t put up with the leftist crap and that was refreshing to a lot of people. If the leftist bullies are still whining when the next election comes around Trump can use the same tactics to win again.

The political currency of the left is violence and the threat of violence. It’s in their nature and it’s long past time for the good people of this country to put them in their proper place.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Glenn Reynolds

  1. Agreed all around, but I don’t share the underlying glee. The paid agitators and crying kids on the left, and the celebrating conservatives, will both have to figure out at some point that the Democrats won this election.

    When will it sink in? Will it be the next trillion dollar “stimulus”, the final step in the nationalization of medicine, the inclusion of medical records into the national background check system, the nationalization of the banking industry? What will it take? Just how rude must be the awakening, this time around?

  2. A whole lot of people have been talking about “the legitimate fears” of people on the losing side. And about the children who are afraid. And they use that as an argument for why Republicans should “moderate” their positions.
    My answer to all that is “stop scaring the children”. It’s not up to Republicans to assuage fears caused by over the top leftist propaganda. If people suffer because they are afraid of bogeymen brought to them by the left wing media and the left wing education establishment, the fault lies there, and the cure must be there.

    To pick a particular example, it’s neither the job of Donald Trump nor of Steve Bannon to reassure those who fear “anti-semitism”. That job belongs to those who spread that libel and brainwashed the gullible into mistaking it for a fact.

  3. Trump didn’t win because he put the “left” in its place.He won because he made promises to the workers of America that he won’t be able to keep. When he was asked during a debate how he planned to bring jobs back to the US, he had no answer or even an inkling of a plan. The left continues to protest because it isn’t just Trump anymore, it is bringing Steve Bannon in as a strategist, bringing Ivanka to a meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister and one can only imagine the reason why, and missing opportunities to assure the nation or utter a message of unity. If you think Trump is only a bully, and that being a bully is acceptable, then you are sadly mistaken about a reasonable standard of behavior.

    • So what’s wrong with Bannon? He seems to be a good guy, unless you let yourself be misled by the atrocious lies of the left.

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