The violent left

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A “professor” at Rutgers , Kevin Allred, tweeted “will the 2nd amendment still be cool  when i buy a gun and start shooting random white people or no…?” He was reported, and carted off in an ambulance for a psych eval, which set off a tweetstorm that is hysterically un self-aware. Of course he’s the victim, of course it’s Trumps crackdown on free speech, etc….

How do they tie their shoes in the morning?


5 thoughts on “The violent left

  1. They do not tie their shoes in the morning, or any other time.
    They constantly stumble over reality.
    They suffer from a lack of self actualization, severe repression, and a lack of integrity.
    If I keep going, I will explain how I really feel and leave the PC off.

  2. rolf:

    on shoe tying.– just like they mama’s taught ’em. or, they daddies. or, most likely, they mama’s boyfriend.

    john jay

  3. But poor victim Allred and his minions probably think it’s just fine if some random person calls in one of those “threat evaluations” and causes exactly the same thing to be done to an average citizen – resulting in loss of gun rights.

  4. And as a denizen of New York City, he’d have quickly realized that his adoring government has removed that right from him.

    I doubt his evaluation counts as a commital but he likely has multiple felonies without it, given he’s an entrenched members of the Anarchy party.

  5. If Trump can affect things that happened before he is President, I have a list going back to 1913.

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