Quote of the day—Alan Gottlieb

Hillary Clinton did not hit a glass ceiling. She hit a ‘lead’ ceiling. America’s gun owners turned out to vote and made the Second Amendment great again.

At the local and state level, candidates that supported gun rights did very much better than those who supported gun control.

Alan Gottlieb
November 11, 2016
Guns Win Big on Election Day Most anti-gun candidate in modern history loses, NRA spending pays off
[While gun owners dodged the Clinton bullet in the election I don’t know how big of a contribution the gun owner rights issue made. Does anyone have hard numbers?

Email from David W. gives us Guns and the 2016 Election: How Candidates and Initiatives Fared in Every Key Race and How the NRA Paved the Way for President Trump but those don’t give us actual numbers. Actual numbers would probably have to come polling and after this election no one is going to be trusting poll numbers for several years. So, I don’t know the answer. Any ideas?—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Alan Gottlieb

  1. In the people I have personally talked with, the Supreme Court was the single biggest deciding factor of their vote, so 2nd Amendment rights played at least some part in their decision. However, I’m strongly suspicious that wasn’t the case in the Blue Wall states where jobs were the determining factor.

  2. Gun owners in PA, MI, and WI… If they had stayed home in apathy, Hillary could have taken those states and won the electoral college. And in those three states you only needed to swing 100,000 votes total, between them.

    That’s not hard exit polling data, no. But it’s a strong hint.

    I bet those 3 states would have an additional 100,000 more firearms sold in November had Hillary won.

  3. J.T. Bolt: I was surprised to find that Trump did not get a majority of the votes in any ward in Dane County WI (the state capitol is here); ward 1 had the least with DT getting a paltry 3%.
    A bit OT: we have constitutional open carry and I have a CCW but gotta be unarmed when voting. Or on school grounds. Bah!

  4. I only vote 2nd amendment. It’s a great litmus test for where a candidate stands on ‘leave me the fuck alone’.

  5. There wasn’t a big win in Nevada – universal background checks passed there by a tiny margin; I was really hoping the people there were smart enough not to, but I was wrong. Major media is carefully not mentioning the lawsuits where polling places were held open late for additional voters to be bused in in Las Vegas.

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