First they came…

First they came for the machine guns. Then they came for the Black Rifles. They they came for the handguns. They they came for the airguns. Wait, wut?

Yes. Scotland has jumped the shark. Owners of unlicensed airguns can face jail time.
Up to two years. The pols there are bloody insane.

On the bright side, compliance rates appear to be low (roughly 8,000 of an estimated half million present, or under 2%) , so there might be a faint glimmer of hope.

h/t to Paul K.


7 thoughts on “First they came…

  1. While a Constitution may not be as useful as its proponents argued it would be (see The Federalist Papers), it still beats not having one. This sort of thing is a case in point.

  2. Our pols ain’t far behind, especially here in the People’s Demokratik Republik of Kollyvornia.

  3. This is illustrative of the mental process of socialists/Progressives that show they lack a sense of boundaries or limits of reference. Most people tend to grow up with a perception of practical limits of what can be done in real life. Those limits also tend to be set on a fairly conservative degree. This is intuitively done to keep one as safe as is reasonable. The term “pushing the envelope” comes from this standard way of looking at the real world.

    This lack of mental limits is what makes them so inherently dangerous as a group.

    Drat. My mind is particularly fuzzy this morning. Maybe someone else can write this more concisely?

  4. Everyone has a moment when the scales fall from their eyes and they realize, like Colonel Nicholson, that what they worked on was in fact contrary to the values they held.
    Leftists are so stupid, understand arguments so poorly, and see abstractions so dimly that most do not realize where the policies they support so enthusiastically lead, that they don’t realize the truth until the door of the gas chamber clangs shut behind them, or they’re walking down the stairs of the Lubyanka with the Chekist behind him with the pistol cocked and ready. The quicker ones seem to catch on when they entered the gulag and wrote their letter to Comrade Stalin because surely if he knew all the facts he would remedy the error that put the zek in the camp in the first place.

    • Sadly, some leftists are quite smart. They are so smart, they are extremely good at rationalizations, making false equivalencies, fooling others, and figuring out whey the reality they see isn’t real. Because f this, they are able to lead the not-so-smart with them right over the cliff, while being absolutely certain that everything that goes wrong is someone else’s intentional doing.

  5. Did this not all come about from their growing acceptance that self defense is not a right?

    From a rights perspective, that is the most fundamental right. If you are terminated you do not get your right to free expression, to practice your religion, to have a jury trial, to have property, and so on.

    Everything rests on the Second Amendment. If I cannot defend myself from the criminals and this government (but I repeat myself) then all my other rights are undermined.

    Anyone that says we must rely on government agents to protect us is a total fool.

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