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A friend on Facebook took minor issue with the categorization of 3rd Street between Pike and Pine in Seattle as “Mugme Street”. She said, “It is not Mugme street. Just need to know how to carry yourself.” That she acknowledges you “Just need to know how to carry yourself” should be an admission that there is increased risk there but why rely on perception when facts are available? Here are the stats on that area of town for the last month from the Seattle neighborhood crime map:


Within a half block of the area Barb calls Mugme street there were 18 “Crimes Against Persons”. If you use the same measurement on 2nd you get seven. On any other similar area within many blocks you get no more than two.

I rest my case.


12 thoughts on “Mugme street stats

  1. I first read that as “You just need to know what to carry”.

    Snub .357? Good old G19?

    • Well… for a while she was borrowing my Ruger P-89. But I think that was just for home use. I don’t know what she replaced it with.

          • Home protection, I do take him walking with me. Yes, I would like to carry, but I don’t have the funds for a gun and permit. Young kids are expensive :-). Joe taught me how to shoot and protect my home after an attempted break in.

  2. Using your facts as weapons, you are denying her feelings. Since, as everyone knows, our feelings define our humanity, we all have the right to our feelings. By denying her feelings, with facts (your facts) you are denying her very humanity, which is to deny her rights. Basically, that makes you a criminal.

    Hence, the truth should be outlawed as an assault against feelings, i.e. an assault against humanity.

  3. I concur with your wonderfully accurate description of the area. I had a little run in with a couple of “fighting age males” when walking back to the hotel with breakfast for the family right at First and Stuart. Everything turned out ok but it was getting sporting there for a bit. I guess I would have been #19.
    Paying attention really pays off.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. It always kills me when people try to protect their normalcy bias with clichéd crap like this.

  5. I carry myself the same way in Bothell or there. Eye contact, head up, aware of my surroundings and off the phone. Grasping at straws dear. More mugging because of population density. That area of Seattle is right by Westlake Center. The triangle used for staging the Christmas star lighting, carousel, three major department stores and the Monorail 🚝 dock to Seattle Center. Much higher percentage of foot traffic and tourists. Again higher population density. If you broke the numbers down by how many people pass through, you would see a difference. A high traffic intersection is going to have more accidents than a country lane intersection. Yes, I concede there are more muggings there but only because of density. How come I never got hassled the eight years I walked those streets by myself? Waiting for a bus at 7:00 pm at night in winter on 3rd and Yesler???

    • Oh, I know why I never got hassled walking around Westlake AND Pioneer Square after 5:30 for 8 years, because I treat the bums with as much respect and courtesy as my co-workers, like human beings down on their luck. I never feared them. When they asked me for money I looked them straight in the eye with a genuine ‘Sorry’ and moved on. That little acknowledgement that they existed was what ensured my safety. I never avoided their gaze in embarrassment. I didn’t Judge them, and they could tell.

  6. Looking at the area on Google street view I notice a few things

    1)The design of the doorways and building entrances make it very easy for a potential assailant to dip back to hide himself.

    2)The long stretches of 4 Lane Road give fewer opportunities for pedestrians to cross the road safely

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