Sobriety check

I figure this is the appropriate time to bring it up (yes; I’ve been waiting for months now), what with some of the exuberance out there in response to DT’s election win.

Shall we start a betting pool regarding the exact date on which he blows up and shows anger and hate for conservatives who’re trying to hold him to it?

McCain and Schwarzenegger both did it, as have others. They run on a patriotic message because they know they need our votes, but they resent having to “lower” themselves to such a level, and that resentment will out itself. If I were a betting man I’d say sometime before the end of January. Maybe even before inauguration, but I figure he can control himself until after.

I would of course love to be proven wrong on this (feel free to jump on my case in four years, please), but it is nonetheless a good idea to have some guarded optimism, or hopeful skepticism, at this stage and save the heady exuberance for after the end of his first term when it turns out he actually didn’t ass-rape us after all.


11 thoughts on “Sobriety check

  1. lyle:

    he may surprise you. and, don’t forget, there is a repub control of house and senate, to keep him honest, and toward the center right of the spectrum. accepting the theory that repubs tend to the center right.

    john jay

    • I know. I’m hoping to be surprised. That’s my level of hope; that he surprises me by being atypical. We’ll begin to find out soon enough, but we probably won’t really know for four years and seventy one days. I’ll be counting.

      We gave Bush 43 the full houses too, but that had to go, and so Jeffords (Jumpin’ Jim, or Yumpin’ Yiminy) had to change his party affiliation to fix that. No level of shenanigans is off the table when it comes to these pukes. History tells us that much for sure.

      He may surprise me. Yes, that’s the hope.

      • I believe I said it best:

        Trump MIGHT screw us. Hillary WILL screw us (or she would have, if she’d won).

  2. Over and over we’ve been just like Charlie Brown, with Lucy holding the football.
    “THIS TIME, it’ll be different” we’ve told ourselves countless times, and been betrayed, sold down the river, and lied to with endless excuses.

    That scenario is true, we all know it, and that’s all I’m saying here. If Lucy holds the ball steady this time, I’ll be the first to say I was (cough) wrong. Just as likely, she’ll pull the ball away, and at some point Charlie will decide he’s had enough and kick her bitch ass like he should have done generations ago.

  3. I expect to see a lot of faux outrage (or the far-eastern equivalent of being angry with your noodle order, pho outrage) at the stupidity of congress, mere blow-ups for the press to bring attention to them in order to embarrass congress into doing their damn job. But he’s a billionaire NYC real estate developer. He knows how the game is played. He’ll act the part he needs to get the response he needs. I’m sure there will be real rage, but I’d bet that will mostly at stupid shit, and done in ways to get things done OTUB (on time, under budget).

  4. My wife has been reading his book (the art of the deal) over the last couple of days and she’s been quite encouraged.

  5. On every issue, every bill he signs, every executive order, I will ask myself; What would Hillary do? I’m hoping for better supreme court justices than she would have picked, nothing more.

  6. I think we can all be buoyed by one very important fact: Trump, while certainly a bullshitter of the grade of a mega-businessman, is also NOT a politician. I don’t think we can expect him to behave like a politician. We are truly in uncharted waters. It could be great, it could be ok, it could be bad. But the alternative was far, far worse.

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  8. Name the Supreme Court nominee before the Inauguration, plan for a vote during the first minute of the first Seante session after the inauguration, and then vote the nominee onto the Court no matter what screams arise from the Senate Democrats.

    We won.

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