Go for it

Eric Levitz in New York magazine writes Why the Decimated Democrats May Turn Left:

Without the immense power (and glamour) that comes with the White House, Democrats no longer have any distraction from their fundamental weakness at all other levels of government.

Since President Obama took office, more than 900 Democratic state legislators have been ousted. In January 2009, the party occupied 29 governor’s mansions. Today, it lays claim to 15. The GOP — the party that was supposed to be headed for a great crack-up — holds 33.

In 24 states, Republicans control the Executive branch and both legislative houses. Of course, they now enjoy the same trifecta in Washington, D.C.

But Democrats have lost more than power. They’ve also lost their faith in demographic destiny.

The upcoming DNC leadership election is expected to be cast as a struggle for control of the party’s future. For now, the party’s Sanders-Warren wing appears best positioned to win that civil war.

Sure thing Eric. Socialism is the future. Go for it.


7 thoughts on “Go for it

  1. there is a great center and right to be unified here.

    the south is solidly republican. the heartland is republican, save for the university outposts. and, the west coast east of the cascades is solidly republican. on the west coasts, only the great cities and environs are democrats …. you know, where the liberals have bought up all the waterfront property. (i am reminded of malcom muggeridge’s comment on an english lord, who was a revolutionary his entire life, and it cost him nary a sunday chop. kind of like prince charles running his bently on alcohol, … , from not quite up to snuff brandy from his estates that he has distilled, rather than dumping. hey, a man of the people.)

    now, to purge the left from the media, to where we won’t have newscasters who sob and break down over the prospect of a republican win. my postman tells me that several university have cancelled classes, so the little tender students can get over their trauma. poor babies.

    john jay

    • Media is a loss-leader by the corporate owners. Carlos Slim (Mexican billionaire) owns the NYT – any bets on the paper’s stance on immigration? (hint – he makes a percentage on every remittance sent from here to Mexico)

      Better than a purge would be to have Men of the West buy an outlet or three and co-opt them, get them to push the center-right / freedom memes They can get a great deal of their content for free – get people on the to right to find the stories and write the rough draft, and just hire editors to clean them up, organize them, etc.

  2. Public “education” is the Achilles heel of the American left. Without the early and continuous indoctrination, for which the schools are used, the Progressive movement would die on the vine.

    I repeat that the very concept of public education is a flagrant violation of the principle behind at least two clauses of the first amendment. The founders understood the power of the press and the power of the clergy back then, and the need to keep such power out of the controlling hands of government, but they failed to understand that government schools would replace both the press and the clergy. Education should therefore be included in the first amendment, and for the exact same reasons that religion and the press, and for that matter, assembly, are in there. We’ve allowed the “education” monster, the Government/Education Complex, to grow into an apex predator against liberty.

    “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of education, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

    Consider that, although we pay lip service to a “free press” we have an actual Federal Communications Commission. I remind you also that although we pay lip service to freedom of religion, our tax code includes the government approval of religious institutions, and that section 501 tax exempt status is held over their heads as a way of controlling them. No proper religious group would stand for that.

    A major challenge we face comes from the fact that no one alive today has experienced a United States that existed even close to the way it was designed— We’re so accustomed to some of these things that a) hardly anyone thinks to question them, and b) when such issues are mentioned, even those who consider themselves ardent conservatives will argue the Progressive position. Thus we almost all fit into the category of what I call the “default leftists” (those who have simply never known anything else) and liberty (which we tell ourselves we want) seems like an almost outrageous or unthinkable extreme.

  3. Turn left? If they turned any further left they’d be ninety degrees from everything else!

  4. “Go Left?!” How much further can the dems go than they already have.
    They have already steamed past socialism and are well on their way
    to blatant communism….as witnessed by their sycophants bleating to
    THEIR CANDIDATE. Rule of law means NOTHING to them…..unless it
    serves their wishes. Can’t get much further left/communist than that.

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