8 thoughts on “Why are progressives so violent?

  1. joe:

    they aspire to rule over all, and will do anything to anybody who gets in their way. they have pictures on the wall of che, because in their innermost heart of hearts they want to kill someone to see how it feels … to them. they don’t care how it feels to the eventually dead person.

    they don’t want to experience combat. too damned risky. they want the person naked, tied to a care, drenched in sweat and fear stink, and they want to walk up behind that person, put the barrel of the gun right behind the ear, and blow the guy’s brains out after letting him shake uncontrollably in fear for a couple minutes.

    maybe saw off a head. yes, that would be something one of them would like to do.

    and, then, walk out onto a balcony and accept the cheering accolades of an adoring public.

    the wet dream of every radical socialist.

    this is hillary’s dream. this was hubby bubby’s dream. and, yes, it was bernie sander’s dream, even as boring as he is.

    john jay

      • you ought not to be. since i was 15 years old, a long time ago, i have studied 19th & 20th century totalitarian thought and rule. russia, germany, china, cuba and other places. and, totalitarians.

        i suggest arthur koestler’s “darkness at noon” for your reading.

        toss in a little kant, hegel, marx and mr. nietzsche for good measure, some marcuse and alinsky.

        do not be so dismissive, unless you know better.

        progressives are violent, because they seek an outlet for their violence. simple as that.

  2. p.s. it is a simple brutal fact, that you cannot have a totalitarian rule, without a totalitarian populace. joe stalin did not kill all those who died at his order by himself … an impossible & monumental task. he had help. he is still very popular in russia, even today, did you know that?

  3. As a modern young woman, Takelo has undoubtedly never even heard of Richard Strauss’ opera Salome. It might profit her to watch a performance, however.

  4. Note that Ms. Takelo says she wants his head on a platter. In other words, she wants deadly violence… but she wants someone else to do it for her.


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