In the pot, or from the pot

Human psychology is an odd thing. A person can justify and rationalize all sorts of evil for all sorts of reasons. Collective action allows people to absolve themselves of guilt by saying “well, everyone was doing it!” (think social drinking, or conspiring to cheat on a test), or “I was ordered to do it” (think crew-served weapons like machine guns or cannons in war-time). Napleon used a lot of cannon batteries because he knew that people would not want to “let their buddies down”, and that being part of a team effort allowed each man to tell himself “I didn’t kill all those men, I just loaded powder charges,” (or carried cannon balls, or pulled a lanyard, or managed the limber, or whatever).When civilized people turn to canibalism in extreme circumstances, it’s not uncommon for them to demand that everyone partake in much the same manner. A recent story I saw about cannibalism in a prison in Venezuela talked about how some of the men were given a choice of eating “from the pot” or being “in the pot.” The idea was to make the guilt for the deed collective, so nobody would tell. No one would confess because they, too, had eaten “from the pot.” The men that were butchered and put “in the pot” were ones who refused to agree to eat “from the pot.”

The same can be used for blackmail. Get someone caught in a crime, then blackmail them. Set up a “honey trap” to get pictures of a person in a compromising situation, then you can control them, and once controlled they can be led in deeper. “In for a penny, in for a pound.” Soon you have a conspiracy to continue to commit the crimes, and soon some of the trapped people try to get new members in the circle to help cover up their own crimes and spread the guilt/evil around. After a while, those who are “from the pot” come to think it’s normal, or that they are special, part of the “in crowd,” and because they are getting away with it they are above all us little people.

Such is the situation that appears to be about to blow up in this election. The WikiLeaks things appear to be about to blow wide open. As “Vile Faceless Deplorable Minion” said, “You know something has changed when 4chan is investigating the government for pedophilia. We’ve entered bizarro world.”

It’s reported that all FBI special agents from the DC area and Hoover Building have been ordered to report to work.

Remember, remember, the 5th of November.

I don’t need popcorn. I need Pepto-bismol. It’s going to be a bumpy few months, and I expect a rash of suicides that really are suicides (rather than face the criminal charges and evidence that are about to go public in a big way). If you have school-age kids that are doing “current events” it may get dicey to talk about it.



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  1. I foresee the defense of, “I didn’t herd the gun owners into the FEMA camp showers, so I’m not responsible for all the steps leading up to it.”

  2. All of this bated speculation about the big, upcoming, game-changing news releases that are about to be made is getting to be pretty ridiculous. Considering that the mail-in ballots have been out for weeks, the dead people have already voted twice, all the illegal aliens have already cast their ballots, and the boxes of “oh, someone must have misplaced these” ballots are already prepared – who could possibly think that some big revelation about the candidates over the next few days is going to change the outcome in any way?

    • Perhaps. But if the margin of fraud is 5%, and the voting is 20% difference because so many people stay home / don’t mail on the Big Day, then she loses. If she, or even any of the high-level people around her, get perp-walked over the weekend, it’s going to be REALLY difficult for the media to spin this any way other than “oh, shit.” They can’t bury that sort of story. And if they do, they lose the remaining shreds of their credibility.

      • “And if they do, they lose the remaining shreds of their credibility.”

        That’s a reasoned assessment, and as such it is in error. The followers of Progressivism do not follow because of reasoned assessment. They follow because of emotion, and emotion opposes reason.

        If you run on logic, you cannot understand the appeal of the power of the authoritarian state, especially the continued appeal (or even increased appeal) after the revelation of high crimes and misdemeanors.

        • Yes and no. Things like pedophilia hit people at a gut level. The number of people who will honestly think “meh, whatever” to such a thing is small, and the number who will admit to thinking that is smaller yet (even psychos often have a healthy sense of self-preservation). Anyone seen attempting to minimize or cover up such charges will be a step too far for many people, and they will feel betrayed and angry as the mask slips away. It’s s fine line between doubling down and flipping a violent 180.

          Yes, some will think it’s all a vast right-wing conspiracy because they cannot face the possibility they were duped, or worse an unknowing accomplice, but the left-on-lefter war might well destroy the Dem party as well as the credibility the MSM has among the lefties. It will also act to harden the spirits of those on the right to not only see the evil for what it is, but call it out rather than sit silently by and say nothing.

          Perhaps there was a reason they burned witches.

  3. friends:

    no one likes perverts, and no one votes for perverts. that being said, please consider —

    the post considers a twit from “the donald hisself,” and from wikileaks in support of the allegations made. this needs to get out. i don’t give a rats ass if you spread my post, or use the donald trum & wikileaks posts linked inside. but, this is stuff that needs to get out.

    as to the note that advocates resignation.– poppycock. true enough, a lot is done, and cannot be retrieved. but, a lot remains to be done, and that is to work against clinton right up until the polling stations close. to put it bluntly, every god damned vote counts, and it counts as much today as it did three weeks ago. you cannot counteract the “early votes” by not voting. (is that logical enough?) every vote not cast at this point, simply makes it easy for clinton. so, get off your couches and vote!!!

    and read what rotten scoundrels and miscreants the clintons really are. and, do something about it. john jay

  4. i have a parable.–
    years ago i went to the university of oregon, during a time when oregon was the “distance runners” school, and ucla and usc ruled the sprinter through 400 meters. the university of oregon had a canadian sprinter on the team (no, not harry jerome, if any of you go back that far) and he was good, good enough to make the canadian olympic team in the sprints and relays.

    nobody, and i mean nobody, could beat him to the 190 — 200 yard marks. he would be ahead of the ucla & usc sprinters to that point, and that was no mean accomplishment. we are talking olympic medalist here, running to ucla and usc. but, at 200 yards, the good duck would start to tighten up a bit, and could not quite carry his form …. people just don’t understand how important technique is to a sprinter. and, at about 210 yards the kids from ucla and usc would cruise on past him, and carry the lead to the 220 yard tape. i witnessed this, time after time after time.

    the point is this. you carry your form all the way, and you run all the way through the tape. you don’t run to it, you don’t run within 5 yards of it and coast, you run all the damned way through the tape.

    so, as regards the election, the lesson of the parable is that you vote, … , no matter if you think it is all done, and no matter if you think it futile, and no matter if you think the democrats will steal it with election fraud. you vote. you see what the hell happens. and, if the election gets stolen, you decide what to do with it. but, you run all the damned way.

  5. Your explanation of the processes, or machinery, behind “from the pot, or in the pot” (essentially the definition of the Authoritarian System in seven words) is well done. On that subject I recently heard the comment; “If the system doesn’t break you, you will end up breaking the system.” It is insightful on a level that I wonder how many people appreciate.

    This of course was all laid out clearly and in detail around two thousand years ago. Since we now rely on science, statistical analysis, physics and mathematics according to our level of intelligence and degree of education, it may take another two thousand years for these concepts (“The kings of the Gentile exercise lordship over them; and they that exercise authority upon them are called benefactors. But ye shall not be so…”) to be widely understood.

  6. It’s in the living, breathing, we do what we want section of the Constitution. It was done for the children, to be inclusive, make it easier on the downtrodden. It was done with a warm smile and a gentle arm around the shoulder. It was done for a brighter future and to honor the past.

    Or it was allowed because both sides of the same coin thought they could use it to screw the other side.

  7. It doesn’t. But since when has that stopped the Imperial Federal Government? Certainly not very often in the last century or so.

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