Why are progressives so violent?

In North Carolina:

A North Carolina Republican Party office was firebombed overnight and threatening words painted nearby, party officials reported Sunday.

According to the Charlotte Observer, the attack occurred in the party’s Orange County office in Hillsborough. An explosive device was thrown through a window of the office, causing some damage. The words “Nazi Republicans, leave town or else” were also painted on a nearby building.

In Iowa:

The front windshield and top window were busted out of a Trump/Pence vehicle sitting at the Iowa campaign headquarters.

And don’t forget the assassination attempt on Trump in June.

Why are progressives so violent? Because it’s in their nature. It’s their political currency.

Update: This is encouraging:

An online campaign reportedly set up by a group of Democrats to help rebuild the firebombed Republican Party headquarters in Orange County met and surpassed its $10,000 goal in only 40 minutes.

The GoFundMe account had raised $13,117 as of Monday morning.

It was set up by a group of Democrats who said they hoped to make a statement against such tactics, which the state’s GOP leaders have called “political terrorism.” Leaders of both parties nationwide have condemned the burning.

Democrats behind the GoFundMe page referred to the spray-painted message as “an abhorrent threat.” The group said its online campaign is aimed at helping the office reopen as soon as possible. The campaign is not an official effort of the Democratic Party, but rather the work of a group of supportive Democrats.


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  1. It’s all good.

    At the right time, we can have lessons in intimidation and violence.

    No spray paint, either…

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