Mushroom time

Each year about this time Barb and I go hunting for chanterelle mushrooms. Today we came home with the biggest haul yet:


It wasn’t without some minor obstacles. There were weather warnings about high winds and heavy rains and as of yesterday we had mostly talked ourselves out of going today. But Barb looked out the window after getting up and said she wanted to go. There wasn’t much wind or rain at the time so we were on the road by 8:50. We had our rain gear and although the trees and branches we had to step on and over were slick we made it in and out of the woods by 10:30 with no injuries and only minor cold and dampness.



2 thoughts on “Mushroom time

  1. That’s one good thing about living on the west side; you get Chanterelles, and Oyster Mushrooms.

    We’re finally getting wet enough weather here that we’re seeing the lovely Meadow Mushrooms pop up again though. All my tomatoes froze last week, so I had to do an emergency pick-em-all-and-make-a-big-pot-of-bisque’. All the basil and peppers were killed off too. The mushrooms coming on does sort of make up.

  2. General deer season opened Oct. 15.
    Everyone in the fields and forests during hunting seasons should wear orange for their own safety. Activity in no hunting areas is no exception- think scoff-laws.

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