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The use of the lefts term “gun control” is completely wrong. It infers that guns are somehow out of control and need to be curtailed. Clearly this is not the case, but every time we use that term we subtly reinforce the idea that controlling guns has anything to do with something except a nice tight grouping.

It’s a restriction of our constitutional right or an infringement of our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Every time you feel the urge to type or say “gun control” replace it with what’s really happening.

October 2016
Editor’s Corner: Stop Trying to Make “Gun Control” Happen, It’s Not Going to Happen.
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


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  1. That’s a good start but it doesn’t get to the core issue.

    The term to use, that does, is “victim disarmament”.

  2. “Violation” is the more correct term. “Infringement” refers to subtle encroachment around the edges, or fringes, or penumbra. It would scarcely be noticed. We’re far beyond infringement of the second amendment, and well into blatant violation when we’re expected to get, and pay for, government permission to manufacture, sell, or carry a firearm.

    Raids on private property by armed thugs enforcing illegal laws are far beyond that. They’ve killed people. We’re being idiots when we refer to such blatant and outrageous violations as “infringements”. It’s like referring to a rape/murder as “impolite”– In doing so we’re facilitating the outrage.

    Our grandparent’s and great grandparent’s generations saw to this outrage. We’re tolerating it partly because it’s been so long established, and partly because we’ve been immersed in socialistic/authoritarian thinking all our lives, to the point where it takes a deliberate effort to even see it at all. Such widespread tolerance of crime doesn’t make it any less criminal.

    Anyway, it’s good to see that others are aware of the word tricks used by the criminal class that we’ve allowed to infiltrate our government.

  3. A closely related thought that I have spoken of to those that will listen is that there is no such thing as “Gun Violence”. The term fairly implies that a “violent” gun initiated an illegal act all by itself. We know that inanimate objects are incapable of such action, yet we persist in deliberately misidentifying the real cause – violent people using guns.

    But that’s just me.

  4. Two things:

    1) We are so far beyond control being an option with at least 350 million firearms out there due to the POTUS being the greatest salesman, ever!
    2) Adding to Lyle’s thoughts that we have been conditioned to long-standing abuses, I see the door-to-door police invasion in Boston houses after the bombing as a sign of our giving up to authority figures. They had no idea where the bombers were and without warrants or specific probable cause were entering all the houses in the area. I wonder if they would have reconsidered it if the occupants had yelled that if they came in illegally they would be shot. If we do not assert our rights, they are non-existent. Same is true for the 2A. It’s time for some good old defiance.

    • “I wonder if they would have reconsidered it if the occupants had yelled that if they came in illegally they would be shot”. We know the answer to that question. The authorities would have sent in SWAT teams armed with heavy weapons, blown down the door, and killed all the occupants.

      • There would have been no reconsideration in that situation. Emergency and public safety trump everything. Five years later a black robe would have written a ten page discussion of search and seizure laws and come to the conclusion that the emergency and exigent circumstances and “hot pursuit” searching for the terrorists justified entering any and every home.

  5. “Gun Violence”. I have long said that if it was really that, the most dangerous places in Los Angeles would be gun stores, the police evidence lockers, and that gun room at the Autry Museum in Griffith Park. If it were really the guns that were violent it would be Saturday night riots every night in these places, but as inanimate objects with no moral sense of their own. We do not speak of knife violence (except perhaps in the UK), nor cudgel violence or fist violence .

  6. Never let people forget what the really important word to those people is:
    It’s not ‘gun’, it’s control. Always.

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