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A medical marijuana CARD (not use) is now Second Amendment disqualification, according to a decision of the uber-liberal federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. In a case with no parallels, a woman who obtained the card to show support for the medical-marijuana movement — but who doesn’t use pot — has been disqualified from her constitutional rights, for possession of the plastic card. Wherever you may stand on the drug issue, even the statute itself requires drug use, not government permission-slip possession. In its decision, this Court introduced the idea that you might not be sufficiently mentally OK at times to bear arms, so summarily removing your rights is totally is fine. Whether this applies to beer, over-the-counter medicine that might cause drowsiness and any other mental evaluations was not addressed, but surely can’t be far behind in the minds of those who can come up with a decision like this, would seek any means to control the public.

Alan Korwin
September 12, 2016
Attack On Gun Rights Takes New Shapes
[The Second Amendment—void where prohibited by law. Or court. Or political whim.—Joe]


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  1. Good point. If you’re old enough to drink alcohol legally, you certainly cannot be allowed to drive.

    That would apply to voting too. If you have access to alcohol, then making important decisions like voting is out of the question. It only makes sense, and after all, this is simply about common sense. Getting married, raising children, running a business, serving in public office, operating power tools, having sharp objects in the home, et al, also must be prohibited in any case where those involved may have access, or may be able to obtain access, to alcohol or other drugs, or may be subject to emotions or feelings which might affect judgement.

    Enough is enough– It’s time we relinquish all decisions and all responsibilities to government, and then we’ll all be totally safe and no one will ever suffer or die. Who wants the burden of free choice and personal property and responsibility anyway? Freedom is slavery, if you think about it, and that further illustrates how America was founded on slavery.

    And now I’ll have to point out that I was being sarcastic, because there are those who already believe that horseshit, would have enjoyed the clarity with which I articulated it, and would be cheering up to this point.

    Here’s where I’m reminded of Rudyard Kipling again; …The gods of the copybook headings, with terror and slaughter return.

  2. Really the whole point is “Progressives” want to ban guns.

    Marijuana card is no different than the so-called “Terrorist” on the “Terror Watch List” (Please note, I’ve never heard of an ACTUAL terrorist on said list, and certainly all of the recent attacks perpetrated by ACTUAL terrorists have NOT been on the list), or any such thing.

    ANYTHING that takes guns away from Non-Violent Americans is awesome!

    • Don’t forget the veterans that if they have their complex financial affairs conducted by a surrogate they obviously have no need for any self-defense tools because they are obviously not competent.

      This too is sarcasm for the moronic Progressives that believe this stuff that spews out of the rear end of unicorns.

      I recommend you be aware of EHRs (i.e. electronic medical records) and any questions about firearms given that a look at your pharmacy profile could disqualify you per their logic.

  3. FWIW, as an election official, I could not ask a potential voter if they were nuts (despite it being obvious) and twice had to allow my next-door neighbor (who swore he hadn’t touched a drop in five years) to vote despite him reeking of boozing and barely able to walk. Democracy at its finest…

  4. As more and more words and phrases become hatespeech, and as more topics become taboo because –hatespeech, and people troll the internet, why should this principle be limited to the means of self-defense protected by the Second Amendment? It seems that Marijuana or Alcohol or some other psychoactive drug ought to also cause one’s verbal output to be subject to review to avoid hatespeech and trolling.
    And the whole edifice comes down thanks to Leftists gnawing at the foundation like termites.

    • And isn’t that what they are after? They don’t like the 1st amendment any more than the 2nd. Or the 4th. Or the 6th. Let alone the 9th or 10th. They probably even disapprove of the 3rd amendment.

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