Quote of the day—Kenneth Walker

If I could I would take all the guns in America, put them on big barges and go dump them in the ocean, nobody would have a gun. Not police, not security, not anybody. We should eliminate all of them. We could save 33,000 people a year if we didn’t have guns in this country.

They are a scourge of this country and no one should have one as far as I’m concerned. There’s no defense to guns. There’s just absolutely no reason to have them.

Kenneth Walker
Multnomah County (Portland, Oregon) Circuit Court Judge
September 28, 2016
All guns in U.S. should be dumped in ocean, judge says
[Why someone with such an astounding lack of understanding of such issues is a judge instead of reaching the peak of his career shoveling pig manure is a mystery to me.

But the real thing to remember is that you should never let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


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  1. Being 6’4 & weighing around 300lbs, I find that my ‘dating’ opportunities would increase dramatically in this case. This chucklefuck would return to power solely being in the hands of the physically powerful or those than can afford to staff them.

    • Just replace the word “guns” with “worthless government parasite”, and I’d agree with him.

      • I’m not so sure. Just as we can manufacture guns to replace those his barges dumped, there will always be an endless supply of clueless, idiotic parasites to be elected/appointed/hired as government officials.

        But at least the guns wouldn’t poison the sea life.

    • I told an anti-liberty, authoritarian statist gun control idiot about 30 years ago that I didn’t want to personally have to carry two pounds of steel around with me, but I wanted the miscreants to look at me and the little old lady or man and think, “This person may be armed, so maybe I’ll choose a more lawful way of getting money to buy things.” He didn’t reply.

  2. And yet despite his “no guns for police” I’m sure his bailiffs are armed.
    And if he has any violent problems in his court or home he /will/ call in armed men to defend him.

    • But you might argue he has done us a favor, by demonstrating conclusively that the title of “judge” does not mean you have a functioning brain. Not that this was all that hard to discern even before this moron came along…

  3. Multnomah County (Portland-area). Can’t say I’m surprised.

    Oregon Voters, especially “OreGun Voters”: Keep in mind that our Democrat candidate for Governor is also from the Portland-area. She has many of the same opinions on private firearm ownership, even if she’s smart enough to not utter them out loud in public-record venues.

  4. a simple explanation.– the good judge is a monumental dipshit. he had better dump all the knives, pop bottles and rocks in the ocean, too.

  5. Noticed too that he sentenced the convicted murderer to 17 years of which he will serve about 5. Think this might have something to do with the crime rate.

  6. Kenneth Walker has incriminated himself. He’s openly admitting that he opposes the basic human rights guaranteed by the U.S. constitution. He can be removed from his position on that basis alone. Justice demands it.

    And; how’s that same take-all-the-guns policy working out in Great Britain? Last I heard, their violent crime rate was up.

    So the guy is clearly delusional. I’ll chalk it up to him being in a hypnotic state. He’s not in control of his thoughts.

  7. I am reminded of that old quote;
    He would rather see a woman raped and strangled to death with her pantyhose, than see the perpetrator shot in the act.

    Back in 1977 my sister was stabbed to death in her own home by an invader, and her two or three year-old daughter was strangled to death with a shoestring. They were unarmed of course, my sister having bought into the 1960s hippie culture of “Peace”

  8. The “good’ judge is too stupid to even look to history to see firearms are not required for humans to kill each other by the multitudes. No matter what weapons available the killing will continue. My thoughts lean to putting all lawyers and judges on barges and dumping them into the ocean, what a vast improvement to society that would be.

    • At this point it probably makes sense to consider whether malice rather than stupidity is at the root of these ideas.

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