Why are progressives so violent?

Milo brings out the true nature of “progressives”:

Milo Yiannopoulos has been forced to cancel an event at Florida Atlantic University after what the FBI is calling a “credible death threat.”

Milo was due to speak at FAU on Thursday but authorities deemed the talk too dangerous, not because Milo’s speech on “How Feminism Hurts Women” was too controversial, but because student organizers received a note from an unnamed individual, threatening to blow up the event, or kill students who attended.

It’s in their nature.


7 thoughts on “Why are progressives so violent?

  1. And every time someone backs down like that, the crazies are further vindicated and encouraged. Usually without realizing it, we’re teaching them that their outrageous behavior works and should be continued and expanded.

    This is how we’ve built this monster ourselves. It is a direct result of our own lack of principles and/or our inability to stand firmly upon them. It is a Lord of the Flies scenario of our own making.

    When the adults will not stand for anything, the children will raise hell. Blame the “children” all you want, get pissed and yell at them, talk about them behind their backs about how nasty they are, but it’s still our fault. We’re still demonstrating to them that they’re the ones in control of the situation.

  2. They are violent because terror works.

    They cannot convince the majority that their ideas are fundamentally sound and reasonable (because they are not), so they must coerce people into toeing the line. The progressives in power pass the laws, the progressives not in power provide the point-and-shriek crowds, the muscle, the terror of losing jobs or status for the average man on the street that just wants to be left alone to work and raise a family.

  3. Not sure if progressive is the right blame. The alt-retard branch of the alt-right has decided to declare whatever the nazi equivalent of jihad is on Milo, because apparently they think that the way to strengthen a group formed from people that were forced out of other tents is to start forcing people out of tent.

    So, yeah, progressive in the sense of either SJW-socialist or National-socialist, but it could be coming from either direction.

    • “Alt-Right”, Nazi, Progressive, Fascist, socialist, Marxist, collectivist, National Socialist (Nazi), Republican, Democrat, jihadist, racist; they’re all variations on the same theme. You’re being fooled to think there’s any contest among them other than the struggle for dominance among thieves.

      It’s a number of competing crime gangs. Reject them all.

      Their opposite is liberty. Who’s on THAT “team”?

      • Occasionally, Libertarians. Not this year, though. Gary Johnson is a LINO, and Weld is too stupid to be a ditch digger.

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