Hillary & Trump on gun control

Hillary espouses the Australia model. Donald espouses the Bloomberg model (specifically upholding it in last night’s debate as the example to follow).

Oh, you Trump supporters, who once thought yourselves tea partiers. You’re in for such disillusionment. I almost hope he wins, just for that reason. I can envision some of you joining the Stop & Frisk teams with a hearty enthusiasm.


10 thoughts on “Hillary & Trump on gun control

  1. Yeah, we will be SO MUCH BETTER OFF with Hitlery appointing socialist judges that “correct” that Second Amendment “mistake” that there is an INDIVIDUAL RIGHT to arms. Oh, Hitlery sez THANKS for the support.

    • It’s a choice between a communist and a national socialist (hey, just like Europe in the 1930s). Forgive me if I reject the choice as a false one.

      Besides; our problems are not going to be solved in Washington, where they were deliberately fomented. Who was it who said that the mindset which created the problem can never be the one to solve it?

      The solutions start with those of us who hold to the principles of liberty, with trust in the protection of divine providence (as did the founders).

      The political/criminal class is already aligned against us. Put any figurehead/puppet at the “top” of it that you want (if you have the power – I know I don’t). That changes nothing, essentially.

      You’re getting all excited over a dog and pony show. A ruse. Forget about it and look where your eye is not being directed by the professional magicians.

      Haven’t we had enough bread and circuses, all at our expense, to realize that we’re being played, that both teams (parties) are in the same league, owned by the same interests?

    • False dichotomy, and one I’m getting particularly sick of.

      Look, we can be critical of Trump’s positions without supporting Hillary. I for one may very well end up voting for Trump, if only to keep Hillary from benefiting (which is a S#!TTY reason to vote for him). Please stop equating “critical of Trump” with “ZOMGYOUWANTHILLARYINTHEWHITEHOUSE!!1!111!!11!!!1!!”

      It just makes you sound deranged.

  2. lyle:

    i suspect that trump can be educated on the matter, and would probably be receptive to being educated.

    hillary is beyond any sort of redemption on gun rights. (if she is elected, we will end up fighting in the streets for our rights. simple as that.)

    john jay

    p.s. buy guns, buy ammo, and buy lots and lots of components. if you do not reload your own ammo, and do not even have a passing acquaintance w/ cast lead bullets, then you have a couple skills to pick up. just sayin’.

    • If not educated, then perhaps cajoled or even bullied into accepting our position. No matter who wins, they will want to be re-elected. With Hillary? Well, her constituency doesn’t hold enough gun owners in enough states to matter. It’s different with the Republicans, though: There is a credible threat that if Trump doesn’t do what gun owners want, enough of them would walk away and not vote for him if decides to do something stupid.

      • Is that so? But then how can it be that Kelly Ayotte won the R primary and may well be re-elected, in spite of her co-sponsorship of the Bloomberg “if you’re on the secret list you can’t have guns” bill?

  3. Yes, poor solace in a world with a new more progressive SCOTUS and the IRKBA portion of Heller squished out of existence.

  4. Trump with be thwarted and opposed by the media and many in congress. Hillary will be supported by the media and her supposed opponents in congress will roll over. I’m voting for gridlock.

    • Yes, that is my answer to the “never Trump” mob. Assuming for purposes of discussion that both have equally evil intentions (a bit of a stretch given Hillary’s stated plans), there is a dramatically better outcome with Trump as the winner because far fewer of those intentions will become reality.

  5. Gee, one candidate has dozens of felonies ignored for political reasons and got four Americans killed on her watch and does pay to play corruption and has just promised to abuse the Second Amendment out of existence while the other one is a bit too liberal for my tastes, but does not have these unforgivable faults.

    This viewpoint that they are morally and politically equivalent shows a real lack of discernment. There really is only one choice for at least a chance at some liberty.

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