The debate

This may have been the first televised presidential debate I have watched in it’s entirety since the first one. Yeah, Nixon v. Kennedy. I was young then, it was on a black and white T.V. and dinosaurs sometimes ate our fruit trees back in those days.

I think I was as bored with the debate tonight as I was with that first debate when I was a little kid.

Hillary talked about wanting to tax, spend, and implement gun control. Trump wanted to reduce taxes and regulations, wanted somewhat less gun control than Hillary, and made faces.

Jaime and I watched it together and afterward she said she was disappointed. She had hoped Hillary would start coughing, have a seizure, and flop around on the stage.

Yeah, that would have made it less boring. Maybe next time.


7 thoughts on “The debate

  1. I’m impressed you could sit through the whole thing. We couldn’t stand it any longer after about 20 minutes and turned it off, opting to read our books instead.
    The moderator showed the usual left wing bias right from the start, with that first question. Paraphrasing: “the economy is doing great except for income inequality — what are you going to do about that?” Very revealing, considering how easy it would be to ask a question about the economy in a neutral way. But no, that’s not something to be considered, is it?

  2. There was not a single reference to the American founding principles, what happened to them, or how we might re-discover and re-connect with them.

    Either candidate would fit in seamlessly among the various European socialist democracies.

    Trump accepted and even defended the standard lie of “tax cuts for the rich”, which is further proof that he thinks like any other Progressive. Like most Republicans then, he’s a Progressive pandering to a Progressive’s model of the Republican voter.

    If Trump wins it will be like Schwarzenegger; his supporters will begin wondering where his “conservative principles” went (never realizing that he never had any). They’ll demand answers, and then he’ll get pissed, lash out, and insult them.

    He utterly failed to address the Great Society as the problem in inner cities, and focused on “Stop and Frisk” and gun grabbing instead.

    So we’ll keep all our worst influences, and double down, with no thought of Constitutional principles other than finding ways around them, regardless of who wins.

    • Yes. The only difference I can see is that Hillary’s evil plans will be cheered by the 90% of the media who are flaming leftist, while Donald’s evil plans will be fought tooth and nail by that same 90%.
      So while arguably their intentions are both just as bad, Hillary will be able to do more bad things than Donald.

      • I want to at least put the news media “Journalists” back to work after November. For too long they’ve been taking money for something, but not for journalism.

        • Good luck finding an actual journalist nowadays. There are plenty of fiction writers, and plenty of TV teleprompter readers, but people who actually practice real journalism? Not so much.

  3. What is with the constant blinking of her eyes? I also had wished a complete seizure on stage, but you can’t have everything you wish for:(

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