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My Arizona CWP expired August 6th. I had a reminder on my phone for July 6th to renew it. I sent in the renewal about day later. About 10 days ago I got a call from someone in Arizona processing my form. I had forgotten to put my phone number on the form so they called my “old” number to see if that was still valid. It was. So that was taken care of. I had also written a personal check. They required a money order or cashiers check. They said I could send them the proper form of payment ASAP and she would match the payment with my existing renewal form or resubmit the form and it would be put at the end of the 75 day queue. I, of course, opted for the sending payment ASAP.

I got my new CWP last week.

But the point is they have a 75 day backlog of CWP applications and renewals. This is in a state that recently changed the law to not require a CWP (they have constitutional carry)!

Multiple conclusions can be made from this. One is “a right delayed is a right denied.” Another is, assuming they didn’t reduce the staff processing CWPs, the change to constitutional carry should have reduced the work load and wait times if the number of people carrying remained constant. This may mean the number of people carrying has gone up significantly.


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  1. there are a number of people continuing to go through the CWP class because they are not or may not be aware of the change to constitutional carry. it may be widely known in the gun community, it’s less well known outside it. there’s also a part of the gun community that will maintain their CWP because in Arizona it makes buying guns easier. last, i know several folks that have gone through the CWP class, knowing about constitutional carry, just because they wanted to learn about guns because they knew nothing about them.

    • Isn’t there also the fact that the piece of paper gives you reciprocity with some other states? As I recall, that’s why Alaska kept the form after adopting Constitutional Carry.

  2. The AZDPS faq states it takes 75 days for the paperwork to be processed, and may be one of the more extensive ones since the same faq states a felony charge that doesn’t result in conviction may require the accused to shoulder the burden of proof that it’s no longer pending.

    They’ve also got a statistics page:
    Statistics Last Updated: 9/25/2016 7:02:14 AM
    Active Suspended Revoked
    Permits 286228 3760 1187

    Archive.org-ing it:
    Statistics Last Updated: 9/27/2015 7:08:38 AM
    Active Suspended Revoked
    Permits 245644 3541 1167

    Statistics Last Updated: 9/28/2014 7:23:10 AM
    Active Suspended Revoked
    Permits 224363 3269 1155

    Statistics Last Updated: 11/8/2009 7:21:55 AM
    Active Suspended Revoked
    Permits 143746 1656 986

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