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“Assault weapon bans” can’t work mechanically, haven’t worked historically, and won’t work analytically.  Given that record of abject failure, why do “gun control” advocates continue to call for these pointless and ineffective bans at almost every opportunity?

Perhaps your safety is not actually their priority?

September 11, 2016
the ineffectiveness of “assault weapon bans”, part 4
[“Perhaps”? No. There is no question about it. Safety has nothing to do with it. It’s about the willful destruction of liberty.—Joe]

Those who need to know already know what this means:



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  1. How many boxtops do I hafta send in to get my Cap’n Marvel Magic Decoder Ring? I lost mine years ago…
    More seriously, anyone have a recommendation for a source of info on how to go about decrypting such as the above?

    • For starters, it is Base64 encoded for display on a web page. Strip off the encoding to get the actual ciphertext. From there it is going to be an exercise in figuring out what encryption scheme was used and try to break it.

      It’s called “Making the NSA work for it”. I think the last message Joe posted used AES. Can’t decrypt RSA messages using someone’s public key and Joe has posted a PGP public key previously. Great for us sending him messages but can’t be used for him sending everyone messages from him.

      • If he encoded the message with his private key the public key will decode it. This serves two functions: 1. it secures the message from prying eyes and 2. it proves who the message was sent from. Of course this assumes that the key is strong enough to resist brute force attacks. . .

        • It’s one of several standard schemes for a compact encoding of arbitrary binary data into printable text characters. It is often found in email, for example: when you send a photo or Word document, it’s encoded this way.
          Yes, the reason for using it rather than base 16 is that you get 6 bits per code character rather than 4, so it’s 50% more space efficient.

  2. NSA most likely knows what it says, but keeping quiet.
    NOBODY (and hopefully, the fascist left), wants a 2nd American revolution.
    What a Vietnam Vet once said, “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst”.

  3. here, decode this… Da dadada didadadit dadadah da didididit dit didadah dadadah didadit didadidit dadidit dadah didah… LOL

    • I’m glad someone took me up on it. 🙂 Dadadididit didididadah to you GilaMonster.
      If you’ve never seen morse written out phonetically, it sure looks like gibberish, doesn’t it?
      You gave yourself away though Gila… You’re not just a HAM, you’re an OLD HAM… Like me… 😉

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