Hillary/Kaine Book Not Even Suitable For Target Practice

From Stephanie:


Weak, weak sales this week for Hillary Clinton’s new book, Stronger Together.
Co-authored with running mate Tim Kaine, and, presumably, a ghostwriter, the book sold fewer than 3,000 copies in its first week of release.

Undoubtedly, the Amazon reviews are an incredibly better read the the book itself:

“Makes a great fire starter for the woodstove.”

“I bought this book for target practice but every time I took a shot it fell over. It’s too crooked to even stand up!”

“I started to buy this book but after reading the reviews I picked up another box of 9mm instead!”


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8 thoughts on “Hillary/Kaine Book Not Even Suitable For Target Practice

  1. If you liked that, then you’ll love this:


    The best part is this quote of a “reviewer”:

    “I was going to read this book…..I really was. But just as I got started, I found myself under sniper fire, passed out, and fell and hit my head. After that I got double vision and had to wear glasses that were so damn thick I couldn’t even see to read. Then I had an allergic reaction to something and started coughing so hard I spit out what looked like a couple of lizard’s eyeballs, my limbs locked up, and I passed out and fell down again, waking up only to find out I had been diagnosed with pneumonia 2 days earlier. Somehow I managed to power through it all, but it’s a good thing I was able to make a small fortune on this random small trade in the commodities market (cattle futures or some such thing) and then, miracle of all miracles, a few banks offered me a few million to just talk to their employees for a few minutes – and all that really helped out because I swear I was dead broke and couldn’t figure out how I was gonna come up with the 6 bucks to pay for this book, let alone pay the $1,500 for my health insurance this month. I still want to read it, but, honestly, what difference at this point does it make? I hear it sucks anyway.”

  2. Review byTMDIVO on September 17, 2016:
    “Old news. The Russians read it off her server a year ago.”

  3. Is that the book with a picture on the cover of Tim Kaine with an evil grin, giving the Nazi salute?

  4. Stronger together. . . Is she going to roll out her new campaign symbol, a bundle of sticks lashed tightly together with an ax blade protruding?

    You know, her autobiography was originally going to be titled “My Struggle” until Stormfront sued her for trademark infringement.

  5. Remember how long Obama’s book was out before people realized they could counter the attack on Romney for putting his dog on the roof of his car in a carrier for a family vacation with the fact that Obama admitted to EATING dogs when he was living in Indonesia.

    The point being, is that people don’t buy these books to read them, they buy them to signal to other semi-literate “Progressives” that they are a retainer to the crown!

    • They’re not for reading, they’re for looking at!
      (Something I heard an 8 year-old boy say about law books once).

      I’d buy one for target practice, but I can buy a lot of bullseye targets for $9.00

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