Quote of the day—Paul Koning

The goal of the Illinois criminal legislature isn’t to fix crime. They clearly could do that if they wanted to, but they do not want to. Their actual goal is to disarm honest people, to render them defenseless against criminals, and to make the impact of crime worse so they will have more excuses for more invasions on the people’s liberty. What they deserve is not just being kicked out of office, but also being swiftly charged with, convicted for, and hanged for treason. Treason it is, because treason is waging war against the people or giving comfort to the enemy, both of which they are doing.

Paul Koning
September 13, 2016
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5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Paul Koning

    • But you see, you use their language to stipulate the unreality they want you to believe in. When you ask what will disarming everyone do? it implies that everyone will be disarmed because of the law to many listeners. It also conflates guns and all weapons used in crime. You need to rethink how you phrase your rhetoric. Logic already convinced those that are open to logic, and they do not support gun bans.

      A better rhetorical phrasing might be: How will disarming the law-abiding, the weak, the elderly, and females, protect them from the typical young male violent criminals, who will always be able to find a weapon of some kind?

      That puts them on the defensive on a half dozen fronts, and as soon as they try to defended, they open themselves up to all sorts of rhetorical attacks.

  1. The honest, productive and principled are always the primary threat to the corrupt. They fear and hate us more than anything. Of course they’re going to mess with us, in any way possible (preferably from a safe distance).

    That’s all there ever was to this issue.

    • Neil Smith put it very well: “the only reason that they want to take your guns is so they can do things to you that they can’t do if you keep your guns.”

      • Exactly!

        We will be at fault though if we stop resisting and turn them over. Weapons equal our freedom. They are not negotiable.

        Ask the millions of Jews, Russians, Armenians, Koreans, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Chinese, and Africans what their opinion is about being disarmed. Oh wait, you can’t ask; they died at the hands of evil governments.

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