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  1. I’ve recently taken to read the threads to get context of the quote.

    Near 100% consistency, this reads like the literal best they could do.

    Elementary insults because that’s the intellectual and emotional age they appear to be stuck at.

  2. must be a burden to be smart, superior, blessed w/ a big swinging dick, and all the blessings of a beneficent creator. too bad for them that we “teeny dicks” have all the guns, and proficiency w/ same, and the motivation to use them to protect our rights and to get back at them for all the insults.

    as a result of all their insults, i have no inhibitions at all about using whatever is necessary to assert my rights. and, because i don’t get much action w/ my “teeny dick,” i have lots and lots of time to practice slinging hot lead.

    i just think of their smirks, and i concentrate on the targets all that much better.

    laughing my ass off, at the irony of it all. they are so smart, so superior, so manifestly better than me, …. , and my line will persevere, and theirs won’t. funny, ain’t it.

      • That observation doesn’t apply universally. You can’t win a war against the likes of the Imperial Japanese Army by singing and giving them flowers. We have empirical data that conclusively demonstrates nukes are far more effective.

    • “must be a burden to be smart, superior, blessed w/ a big swinging dick, and all the blessings of a beneficent creator”

      It is indeed a burden, but I’ve learned to bear it with grace and good cheer. 😉

      In fact, so accustomed am I to bearing that burden that carrying the additional weight of a pistol on my person is only a burden in that I understand the responsibility inherent in so doing.

  3. You know who will be the loser in an ugly situation like a robbery or rape?

    They will lose BIG. They probably have zero situational awareness, a passive mindset, and a dependence on their cell phone to save them.

    On our side, many of us are armed, most of us have a home that is fortified much like a castle. We know the laws around justifiable use of force, we will call the police, but will not rely on them. Finally, I believe that we care more about our own hide and the lives of our loved ones to do the distasteful thing and if necessary take a human life to protect our innocent lives.

    We will win nearly every time. They will be a statistic.

    • I pray that I never have to take a human life to preserve human life. Mostly, though, I make a distinction similar to the one Indians/ Native Americans/ First Nations made; there are humans and people. Humans are the two-leggeds out there who believe in the values I hold, of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and property, mutual respect. People are the ones who look at me and other humans as resources to be exploited and harvested like livestock or game. J. R. R. Tolkien referred to them as Orcs; Colonel Jeff Cooper called them Goblins. For what it’s worth, I hope I never have to take the lives of people, either.

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