8 thoughts on “Impressive

  1. There’s a man with principle.

    Notice that all the authoritarian bitch could do was smile and stammer, trying to pretend that Gowdy was asking silly questions.

    That’s how it’s done. There’s nothing left to argue. The enemies of liberty have no experience, and no ability whatsoever, in dealing with a principled man. They’re accustomed to rolling over the typical Republican, who’s more interested in getting to the bar for drinks after the hearing than trying to win an argument he doesn’t understand.

    • I’m pleased.

      Now the obvious next thing for him to do is to hammer Sen. Ayotte (“R”-NH) with the same question.

      • Yikes. Wait; was that “congratulations” or “condolences”? Or do I owe everyone else five thousand apologies?

  2. I bet 5 Yankee dollars that that little discussion never made the main stream nightly news or major news papers.

  3. Not well enough done, as there was no press for charges for conspiracy to deny civil rights. Until then, it’s just for show… but I’d love to see their faces if it happened. No more shoulder-shrugging, smiles, and silence then, I’d bet.

    • You do of course have it exactly right.

      If the authoritarians were pressed to actually answer such principled questions rather than responding by ganging up and silencing their cowed opposition, the very best they could do would be to renounce the constitution, thus admitting that they are in fact enemies conspiring against the United States of America. The proper response to them then becomes obvious.

      For some reason I am reminded once again of Hermann Göring, commander of the Fallschirmjager among other things, and high-ranking member of the Nazi Party. Upon his capture by the Allies in 1945, he was all smiles and jubilance. That is until he realized that the Allies were seriously going to try him for crimes against humanity. Then all the swagger drained right out of him, visibly. He had assumed he’d be treated like the celebrity/hero-airman as he’d become accustomed. What a shock to think that HE, with his long list of accomplishments, and his rank, would suffer the treatment of a common criminal! The timeline between celebrity/hero and death by suicide to escape the gallows was very short.

      I don’t think it has yet began to sink into the heads of the Progressive (incremental communist) leaders that any such fate could ever befall them. More likely they believe they are at the top of their game, within sight of achieving their long-term goals. Once any inklings of this possibility begin to creep into their dreams, they’ll pounce on communication, mainly the internet, with the desperation of an arachnophobe having just spotted a big, fast spider running across the floor in front of them; “Kill it! Kill it! Kill it!…”

      • Interesting analogy with HG facing hanging.

        I can think of quite a few Democrats, and maybe a Republican or two, that could be tried for treason and meet that fate.

        That is, if our government was not so utterly corrupt now.

        Look at the Hildabeast as an example.

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