10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Bacon @Baconmints

  1. While I *AM* ugly…

    My intelligence has been thoroughly tested. I’m not dumb.

    By bravery has likewise been tested. I was not found wanting in the courage department either.

    Almost as if the supposition is fallacious.

  2. Given Baconmints’ obsession with male genitalia, could we refer to him as a “fluffer nutter”?

  3. I really think this guy’s career is simply waiting by the mail for his .gov crazy-check to arrive.

    You tell me somebody has hired, and maintains the employment of somebody so stupid and cantankerous, I’ll call you a liar.

    Or realize it’s all a “progressive” act.

    • Beard, you forgot all the government “jobs” this guy is obviously qualified for. I think many schools and universities would hire him in a heartbeat.

  4. It’s unfortunate that this loser even gets any recognition here. Joe’s probably the only one who even bothers to read his crap, then by extension we end up reading it here. Without an audience, he’d just fade away – unless the mere act of posting makes him feel important, whether anyone reads his tripe or not.

  5. It may be worth the reminder, once in a while, that to those of the Dark Side, being brave, smart or good-looking is defined by the strength of your allegiance with them.

    Thus, for example, Hillary is the Smartest Woman in The World, whereas, let’s say, Sarah Palin, who never did anyone any harm, is a dumb skank.

    This is an ancient trick, and I’ll wager that we’ve all fallen for it more than once in the past, and will fall for it again in some way in the future.

    • Sarah Palin is a dumb skank because she was too dumb to sell national security secrets to the highest bidder. Outside the beltway that is considered honor, not stupidity. Skanks have finally been able to call virtue vice and good girls skanks. Cf Slutwalk, slutshaming, and Sandra Fluke, for three examples.

  6. You can be smart, brave and good looking, or you can be a gun nutter.

    Yet, somehow, bacon-boy manages to be neither.

  7. Smart? The evidence suggests otherwise in Bacon Boy’s case–but who knows? Many smart people give stupid comments.

    Good looking? It’s theoretically possible, but based on past experience, I’m guessing Bacon Boy lives up to his name.

    But brave? Bacon Boy insults people from behind a fictional name. He is a Class AAA PUSSY.

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