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  1. That is a good one.

    Freedom does scare the political elites, but apparently it doesn’t scare them nearly enough to keep them cowering in the woodwork of society where they belong. Mostly though, I believe that a free people angers them, and then they feel that something must be done about it. Then they set about to fabricating a thousand reasons why freedom must be compromised.

    Nothing pisses off a political elite with such a white-hot, electric fervor as a free people, living as they would (such insolence!) and being prosperous at it no less! That is a personal affront to them. It leaves no room for them to take credit for other people’s good works. It leaves them out in the cold, relying on other people’s charity. That is intolerable! It must be avoided at all cost. They’ll kill millions (or rather, they’ll get others to kill millions – they’re typically too weak and cowardly to do the killing themselves), or die trying, rather than suffer such a disgrace.

    Forgive them (even if you have to kill them) for they know not what they do. Best is to reach out and give them a clear choice, before things get out of hand, before they get in too deep. Absolute clarity of principle then, is the best argument.

    The first step in curing a disease is recognizing it for what it is. We must understand that we are dealing with the criminal element, which seeks power over others rather than the independence that comes from strength, ability and cooperation. Sociopaths. The farther someone goes down that road, the more irretrievable they become.

    (Why am I thinking at the same time of Saruman, George Soros and JEB Bush?)

    Some can be brought back. Others must be stopped by force of arms. Such is the way of the world. (Gosh; that sounds a lot like “convert or die” doesn’t it?)

    • I like Matthew Bracken’s answer, and the picture that goes with it.
      Still, the article points out a real risk. Consider how many gun owners persist in voting Democrat. Consider how many gun owners vote for anti-gun Republicans. (I’m not voting for Kelly Ayotte no matter that she has an R behind her name…)
      For that matter, consider all the people like myself who are not adequately prepared. No gold or silver coins locked up at home, not enough ammo, not enough guns…

    • There is a certain amount of truth in it. If they know you have a particular gun they can fine you, garnish your pay, put a lien on your property, pull the money directly from your bank account, etc. This will probably be sufficient force to cause at least partial compliance by a significant portion of the population.

      As long as they don’t know which particular, or if you have, guns you have you are relatively safe as long as some gun ownership is allowed. If they demand all (or some type of) guns be turned in and they don’t know you have any then you are safe in owning them, but you can no longer used them publicly.

      This is why Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) cards and gun registration, should be a “bright line” rather than physical confiscation. A sort of “gray line” is any sort of government involvement in gun ranges that lends itself to identifying/registration of gun owners or inspection of the guns used at the range.

      Hard line gun owners in those jurisdictions will move their guns or their homes to more friendly territories rather than start shooting. Hence their won’t be any, to speak of, actual shooting at the city/state level laws. It will be Federal laws that might actually start the trigger pulling.

      The way I see this ultimately sorting itself out is that certain states, sort of like with marijuana, will end up declaring they are sanctuaries for gun owners. The Feds will ignore them for a while but ultimately may try to squeeze those states by withholding funds. At that point, I don’t know what will happen.

      • A number of states have already crossed that bright line (and without repercussions). Massachusetts, California… aren’t those places where you must license and register every gun, and get permission before buying one?
        As for feds trying to squeeze states, the obvious answer always has been to stop sending money to the feds in response. That hasn’t been tried that I know of — other than the War between the States, of course. One obvious point is not to make the Fort Sumter mistake: don’t shoot first.

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