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So, Hillary now is the Reset Button?

John Hardin
August 26, 2016
Comment to Quote of the day—Liz Crokin
[I think this might be better rewritten as, “Hillary is the Reset Button.”

Back in the late 90’s, in the dark days of the Clinton presidency, I knew gun people who said we should vote for the most totalitarian administration imaginable, Hillary, for the next president. The thought was that the “water” would heat up so rapidly that “the frogs” would take action rather than die from the slow increase in temperature. There are people today saying similar things.

I don’t know whether that would have been the correct choice then or it is the correct choice now, but it might very well be the choice will be made for us. And if the election goes worst case for us it will be ugly. Not only are the anti-gun people openly talking of an “assault weapon ban”, and “the Australian example”, but also “a ban on semi-automatic firearms, which are often described as ‘assault weapons.’” Never mind semi-auto handguns were a significant component of the Heller decision and protected. As it stand the Heller decision is being essentially ignored. With another Clinton presidency it will be nullified in everything but our memories.

I’m preparing for the worst and hoping for an indictment of Hillary.—Joe]


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  1. Well, there is always hope that the heretofore deluded will have the scales fall off their eyes as government becomes more burdensome. My Leftist brother and his Stalinist wife own a couple of units of rental property that suffers from rent control. For someone who is so Left, who argued so vociferously for the $15 minimum wage*, she has now complained about the burden of rent control on herself. She may be coming around, or she may just not like how the chains of big government lay on HER shoulders.

    *Unfortunately I did not make the reductio ad absurdam $100/hour argument to her. I think she believes that corporations automatically make money, that there is a printing press issued to them with the articles of incorporation kept in the basement of their HQ’s. Her argument could be summarized as “Do you think they won’t suck up the additional expense?”

  2. Please elaborate on the “preparing for the worst”, the rest of us could use ideas!

  3. Hillary will not be indicted. Comey laid out that fact plainly. At this point, at least past the election, she’s untouchable. Unless she’s videotaped while bludgeoning a staff member, she’s golden.

    The idea that we’re a nation of laws, or a nation based on a Constitution has been laid to rest. It’s up to the voters now.

  4. I was just thinking the other day; clinton is the fast hand basket, why go slow.

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