Unusual malfunction

I have never seen a malfunction of this type in a handgun before. Two 9mm cartridges became wedged in the middle of a Ruger P89 magazine:

From the bottom looking up.

From the top looking down.

Carry a spare magazine with you because this is a time consuming malfunction to clear.


13 thoughts on “Unusual malfunction

    • Mag body a bit too wide?

      Did the malf happen during a shooting string, or was the jam already established before the mag was inserted into the gun?

      • If the mag is too wide I don’t think it would fit through the grip of the gun. It’s a pretty tight fit.

        During a shooting string. About three or four rounds fed correctly then it failed.

    • All passed the case gauge. But that doesn’t check for under size. But it was all used brass, so it’s hard to imagine undersized once (or five) fired brass.

  1. OAL … the bullet in one round hadn’t been seated deeply enough. Combine that with a weak magazine spring (or a magazine which had been ‘overloaded’) and that’s what you get.

    Betcha there were rounds loaded on top of them that were still in the magazine stack, and didn’t feed.

    • I didn’t measure that particular round but others assembled with the same settings and bullets measured no more that 1.145 with most in the range of 1.135. The spec for max OAL is 1.168. It seems unlikely that there would have been one exceeding the max OAL. But I suppose it’s possible.

      It’s possible this magazine was temporarily overloaded and “one more round” didn’t quite fit. I noticed that one magazine seemed to have room for about 15.5 rounds but most had only enough room for 15.

      Yes. There were rounds on top of them that didn’t feed.

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