Dog days of summer

It’s National Dog Day.

LincolnCityBeachTrip 032a

So, a pic or two of the canine family-unit as she runs at the beach. Some dogs chase balls. Mine chases the Pacific Ocean. She sleeps soundly after a day of wind-sprints in the sand. Best guess on “breed” is border collie + greyhound, but that’s just a guess. Genuine mutt in any case. Smart, tireless, and surprisingly mellow.

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LincolnCityBeachTrip 410a


2 thoughts on “Dog days of summer

  1. My younger dog, when at the lake on a really windy day, chases the splash from waves breaking on the shoreline. He can really cover some territory.

    • That’s what mine is doing, too: chasing the surge and curl back and forth, back and forth.

      Getting good pics of her is hard, because her pace is almost an exact multiple of the camera frame-rate, so every other picture is nearly identical. If I don’t start a series as a different place in the pace, then I just get another same-looking set. I did an estimate one time by measure the distance on her tracks, then the number of frames per second on the camera, and came up with a bit more than 35 mph. Within a second of “launch,” on sand.

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