No exceptions

Via Fred’s comment we have this:

Because the feds rely heavily on state and local law enforcement assistance to enforce federal measures, passing a state law banning such assistance will make federal gun control “nearly impossible to enforce.”

Our strategy takes a step-by-step approach, with each step building on the last, until all federal gun control is nullified in practice within the state.



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  1. An incremental approach… to balance the incremental approach the anti-gunners have been using. I like this.

  2. Idaho has already taken legislative steps in that direction.

    Of course there’s always the Supreme Law of the Land (the U.S. Constitution), coupled with the Oath of Office, which prohibits any LEO, legislator, judge, etc. from enforcing any constitutionally dubious law.

    This is a good time to repeat the thesis that anyone under the Oath is not merely allowed to take individual action to uphold the constitution, but is required to do so. It’s a good time also to remind those in the three branches of the growing possibility of criminal charges under 18 USC 242 for failing to honor that Oath. Some of us take our rights, and the equal, God-given rights of others, seriously, and those who don’t should be railroaded out of office, and possibly into prison. The fact that there are so many fellow anti-constitutionalists in your ranks can only protect you from justice for so long.

    The fact that we have patiently attempted to educate you on the principles that founded this country, and have worked within an often corrupt justice system for so long in an attempt to get you to recognize our rights which you are paid to protect, does not mean that we’ll wait, tolerating your injustices with such extreme patience forever. The Founding Principles tell us that you will be made to respect our rights whether you like it or not, whether you understand it or not, and whether you agree or not. Since you have been given ample chance after ample chance to make the right decisions based on our strenuous and repeated attempts to educate you, you’d best change your ways, or get out, and not wait until our patience has run out.

    Some people are itching for all hell to break loose. I, on the other hand, say these things in the hope that all hell need not break out.

    • “I, on the other hand, say these things in the hope that all hell need not break out.”
      Amen brother, because if all hell breaks loose it won’t just be the unconstitutional services from the feds that will be interrupted; we can kiss the water, gas and electricity goodbye, too.

  3. The “no exceptions” slogan is a good one. Unfortunately, it is up against over two centuries of judicial decisions that none of the plain words of the Constitution mean what they plainly say, and that every absolute rule in the Constitution is subject to infringement by hundreds of specious arguments.

    “In nothing did the founders of this country so demonstrate their essential naivete than in attempting to constrain government from all its favorite abuses, and entrusting the enforcement of those protections to judges; that is to say, men who had been lawyers; that is to say, men professionally trained in finding plausible excuses for dishonest and dishonorable acts.” — H. L. Mencken

  4. IMO, this will be the start of the rupture between the various States and the Fed.Gov. The Shrew either tosses out an EO or packs the SC with another Commie or two who issue new rulings on the 2A.

    Certain States non-concur and either figuratively or literally nullify that Federal Law or refuse to accept the Supremes rulings. Then, as Jackie Gleason intro’ed, “Away we go!!!”

    A dance will begin that essentially leads both sides to an ultimate decision. The States will have to decide if they will knuckle under and submit to Federal rule once and for all. If the States refuse to submit and in fact up the ante by withholding tax receipts in retaliation for funds cut offs, does the Shrew take the next step to physical Federal action, by say arresting the offending Governors or even making a show of Fed.Gov alphabet Stosstruppen in some State Capital?

    The scenario unfolding slowly leads to one of three outcomes;

    1. The States fold, Fed.Gov is supreme and we are subjects.
    2. The States obfuscate, interfere or outright nullify Fed.Gov rule and the Shrew accepts it in lieu of sparking a potential CWII.
    3. The Shrew freaks out at the idea of the serfs rebelling and goes over the top in her response, igniting CWII.

    I think Door #2 is most likely which will start the decline of the central government, much like the decline of Rome, until one day there were no more dispatches, payroll or supplies from DC.

    This is of course pretty simpified. Shades of gray and overlapping scenarios are certainly possible. I hope to not find myself on my knees as a subject.

    • I’d put my bet on #3. If “St. Abe” wasn’t willing to let the serfs go, it certainly isn’t likely that The Shrew [I like that] will. Especially since the serfs have undergone an additional 150 years of indoctrination into serfdom since the first war.

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