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  1. Don’t these people have anything to say about gun owners based on actual data? Besides, I can be a bully without a gun.

  2. You can’t stop a bully with your penis, no matter its size, but a gun will do nicely.

    • What did the amateur pop-psychologists in the nineteen fifties call that? Latent something or other?
      Maybe that isn’t an insult anymore.

  3. Perhaps if this non-gunner is so splendidly endowed, it’s long enough for him to go inseminate himself?

  4. Serious question. Does anyone have any data on when this particular piece of folly (anti’s obsession with the size of gun owner “equipment”) began in either time period or origin?
    Just curious.


    PS.. Also wondering how the anti’s will attempt to use Markley’s law against female gun owners?

    • The origin appears to be a wrong quotation of something Freud is supposed to have said. (It appears he said roughly the opposite of what is claimed.) Not sure when it started, certainly quite some years ago.
      As for female gun owners: these morons don’t understand that gun owners come in all types, sizes, and colors. Their bigotry insists that all gun owners are white male evangelical rednecks with sub-average IQ and above average body mass index.

    • I would guess that, as with virtually all social phenomena, some version of it could be found in the earliest recorded histories. Ancient cuneiform tablets probably contain sarcastic references to the genitals of famous spear, bow or sling users.

      Nothing ever really changes.

  5. If we really were bullies with our guns, they would KNOW it.

    Instead, we have about 100 million firearms owners with probably close to 400 million firearms, who did nothing wrong with them yesterday, nor will they do harm with them tomorrow.

    How about a dose of reality.

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