Sign up for Boomershoot 2017!

Boomershoot 2017 will be April 21st-April 23rd.

Registration will be opening soon. The exact date for you depends upon whether you are staff and whether you participated in Boomershoot 2016.

  • Registration opens for staff 8/17/2016 5:00:00 PM Pacific Time.
  • Registration opens for previous year participants 8/20/2016 9:00:00 AM Pacific Time.
  • Registration opens for everyone 8/27/2016 9:00:00 AM Pacific Time.

Entry is all done online at

If you have questions or problems with the website send me an email at


7 thoughts on “Sign up for Boomershoot 2017!

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  2. Can I get my “prior attendee” preference carried over for 2018? I want to come back for the 20th. 🙂

    • Sort of. What you can do is sign up on Saturday, pay, then cancel requesting that the credit be applied to 2018. In that case you will get the position and events you signed up in 2017 for the 2018 event before staff picks their positions. If you cancel and request a refund you loose the “prior attendee preference”.

      Also, Boomershoot 2016 was the 20th event. The first was 1998 and there were two in 1999. So Boomershoot 2000 was the fourth event. Add Boomershoots 2001 -> 2016 and you have 20 events.

      • I recall one of the long range trainers saying he was going to do his 20 years at Boomershoot and then stop and he said 20 years was in 2018 and he said he had been to every one.

        Glad to see you provide your own “loophole”! I will take advantage of that and will either attend in 2017 if the timing can work out (it’s a long drive) or carry it over for 2018 which I am planning to return for.

        Thanks Joe!

        • That was probably Bill W. He said something like that at the dinner on Saturday.

          There were no instructors at the very first event. Nor were there any at the second 1999 event. So that is probably how our counts differ.

  3. Not me. Gene was the father of that statement. I’m working my 10th, I believe. Don’t let Gene know there have been twenty, he might decide that is close enough for him!

    • I hope not! I would like another opportunity to shoot with him and all of the long range trainers again! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

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