It’s a good thing people weren’t allowed to have guns. That would have only increased the violence.


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  1. I am very concerned about the anti-Muslim backlash these events could provoke. The actions of these and thousands of other radicalized terrorists who are killing and maiming allover the world are not indicative of the rest of islam.

    Do I have that about right? I’ve been practicing. As-salamu alaykum!

  2. What made my wife and I guffaw out loud was the Big-Channel Lame Stream TW news announcer capping her story of an Islamo-whacko chopping up people with a machete while yelling “Allahu Ahkbar” was the line:

    “And his motive are still not clear.”

    • You know what’s really sad, thought? To the news-twit reading the teleprompter, it is likely that the motive really isn’t clear to her. It really is a one-off event without any connection to anything else, just an isolated event like all the others she reports.

  3. Can we be sure that this is not just stage dressing for the push to ban knives?

    • You must be some shill for the knife industry. Nobody wants to take your kitchen utensils. However, reasonable common-sense regulation is obviously necessary.

      • You would be talking about where Great Britain use to be. Knives are no longer allowed to have a point, so they can’t be used to stab people. Pretty sure it got passed. Not sure what they can do about the sharp edge, though.

  4. The cutlery industry has a horrible death toll associated with it. All you knife owners are of course to blame for these crimes. Being that you support knife ownership, you might as well have committed those crimes yourselves. BASTARDS!

    No one has a “right” to own such a deadly instrument as a knife. A knife has only one purpose, and that’s cutting, slashing or stabbing.

    How many more children must be sacrificed on the already blood-soaked altar of knife ownership?

    Aaannd I wonder how many people would read this and not realize that it’s satire illustrating the insanity of the anti gun mindset. Once you’ve gone over the crazy cliff, you’ll read the above and seriously consider it. For example; doesn’t it irritate you that those millions of every-day knife-owners (campers, housewives, chefs, ordinary cooks, carvers, etc.) are so totally dismissive of all the people they’re killing by supporting the knife industry? What do you suppose should be done to them if they refuse to stop promoting murder by using knives?

    Knives are worse than guns, really, when you think about it. Killing someone with a knife is more personal and deliberate. You’re going to get their blood on you and they’re going to suffer. Think about it; we MUST ban all sharp objects if we’re ever to have a peaceful society.

    • You missed some points.

      If the knife is made out of steel it keeps it’s edge much longer. These are “high capacity” knives. The Second Amendment was never intended to protect metal knives. It only protects stone knives.

      You don’t have to reload (sharpen) a steel knife. These are “high capacity” killing machines.

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