Where’s my popcorn?

The presidential election just got a lot more interesting.

Remember how the Obama admin blocked FBI probe of Clinton Foundation corruption?

Things just changed:

Multiple FBI investigations are underway involving potential corruption charges against the Clinton Foundation, according to a former senior law enforcement official.

It couldn’t have happened to a more appropriate set of people.

Where’s my popcorn?


8 thoughts on “Where’s my popcorn?

  1. The multiple investigations I heard of this morning were being run out of local branch offices, if that’s the correct term. FBI HQ could, I bet, still refuse to act on any of the results. The chances of Progressives prosecuting each other are slim, unless they have someone they see as enough of a liability that they need to dispose of them.

    Even then they tend to shuffle them off to some other appointment and keep them out of the news for a while. Next thing you know they have a sweet gig at a university someplace, or in media or at one of the “Foundations”. The chances of Hillary being genuinely convicted of anything are very close to zero.

    I can’t count the number of times it’s been said “THIS TIME we finally got her!” and then nothing happens. I see no reason why this time would be any different. One possibility is that she gets put out to pasture for “health reasons”, they give her a no-show, lifetime position at a university, then name a building after her and build a monument to honor her. By then she will have gotten several honorary doctorate degrees and a Nobel Peace Prize nomination. She then writes her memoirs in book form, unions buy them up by the truckload and no one reads them but for a couple of sycophant journalists, as prep for interviews to be broadcast as Specials over Alphabet Media and for use as textbooks in Women’s Studies programs.

  2. Just as Stalin is supposed to have said that who votes is less important than who counts the votes, the Clintons might be said to act on the principle that who conducts an investigation is less important than who decides what to do with the fruits of that investigation.

  3. I’m pretty much in line with the prior commenters here.

    Before Comey’s disgraceful abasement before the altar of Clinton, I would’ve disagreed. With all the stuff piling up, how could the Clintons avoid having it topple onto them?

    Not any more, I’m afraid.

  4. I predict yet another rash of absolutely unmysterious, completely explainable, totally not a conspiracy, yet ‘highly convenient for the Clintons’ deaths in short order…

  5. Don’t expect any thing of consequence to come from these ‘investigations’.
    The FBI is POWERLESS to actually bring anyone to justice. ALL they do is
    gather facts and hand those facts over to the Just Us department….which is
    currently firmly under the control of the White House and the DNC via the
    Attorney General Loretta ‘Lil Holder’ Lynch.

    The FBI cannot even issue subpoenas. Those must come from a Grand Jury….
    AGAIN via the Just Us department. NOTHING the FBI discovers is of any use at all unless acted upon by the Just Us department, and if ANYONE actually believes that the current corrupt crop of criminals infesting the Just Us department will do ANYTHING to the Clintons they are total and complete morons.

  6. This means that documents and other information will be withheld from public view because it is inappropriate to comment about an ongoing investigation.

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