I broke it

It was two and a half weeks ago since I fell. But still, my left wrist hurts when I try to fully extend or flex it and it doesn’t seem to be getting better. It doesn’t hurt much unless I probe it too vigorously or push the range of motion excessively. It doesn’t really interfere with my normal activities and I only casually mentioned it to Barb. She encouraged me to see the doctor so yesterday I did. The doctor says there is a small hairline fracture in one of the wrist bones. I can’t see it, but the doctor referred me to an orthopedic surgeon for an expert opinion so I picked up the X-Rays today to deliver to the surgeon when I see him next week.



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  1. When I was in the Boy Scouts one of the other Scouts could only do a couple of push-ups before his wrist sort of collapsed. Eventually his parents took him to a doctor who X-rayed his wrist. One of the many bones in his wrist was broken. As the story was related, the Doctors said, “that bone never breaks.” It had to be wired together to get it to fuse properly. I hope your wrist heals without such measures.

    I also have it on good authority that evening primrose tea, aka Boneset helps hasten the knitting process for bone fractures.

    And let us know if the Orthopedic Surgeon is a beefy athletic guy who played football or some similarly robust sport at University before Med School. The Dr. who did my brother’s knee looked like he could have been a starting Quarterback, and the Dr. who did my foot had been a Fullback (I asked him).

    Yes, good luck!

  2. I once went ass over teakettle off my bicycle when I broadsided a dachshund. He escaped unharmed, five days later when I finally relented and got my black&blue wrist X-rayed, the orthopedist told me I had a broken navicular bone.

    Navicular. That is the only wrist bone name I know, and the only one I ever want to know. Having a cast on my arm, unable to use my right hand, for an entire summer was not fun.

    Good luck.

    • Joe: Whoever took your pictures did a good job.

      mikee: Musta been an older doctor or a long time ago as the wrist bones have been renamed in order to distinguish them from the ankle bones.

      • Good to hear. It was the nurse who took my vitals before the doctor showed up and taught me how to put the brace on which I am supposed to wear at night.

  3. My wrist xrays make it look like there are many more bones in there than there should be, what with all the healed fracture lines. Shattered (not an exaggeration) the wrist when a drunk turned in front of my motorcycle. Wore a cast for about 5 months, at age 21. Never regained full mobility. Was told that consulting surgeons suggested that my doctor (chief orthopedic surgeon for the hospital) just remove the pieces and fuse the remains. He decided to try to save it.
    Eight months after the crash, I was back on a dirt bike, but it was a year before hitting bumps stopped sending an electric like jolt up my arm. Weird side effect. It was my off side hand, but I was pretty much ambidextrous before the injury. Not so much afterward. Ended up with a quarter-turn throttle wrist, which complicated bike riding and racing. One makes do.

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