Stephanie’s dare to @bamboozled3

I received this from Stephanie in reference to today’s QOTD:


If they do happen to show up here, as usual, please keep things relatively civil. No unsubstantiated or irrelevant name called. For example, telling them they are illogical, ignorant, etc. is acceptable if there is data to back that up and relevant to the previous comments they have made. Questioning their sexual orientation, parentage, brain size, etc. without relevance or supporting evidence may have unpleasant repercussion.


4 thoughts on “Stephanie’s dare to @bamboozled3

  1. If they do show up, it’ll almost certainly be the standard strike-and-move where they spew garbage talking points and avoid all rebuttals.

    Or maybe insult flinging or shouting down.

    Proponents of gun control hate debate almost as much as they hate guns.

  2. Please formally invite them. The 140 character limit for discussing a Constitutional right is automatically biased. Except for maybe, “Settled in 1789. Your move.”

      • Does not look like there have been any brave souls to try out their rants against our logic, American and world history, the recent legal rulings, or the plain old Constitution.

        I’d like to see them fall all over themselves about the mass shootings when not a single gun control law in place stops them. If anything, their support of GFZs makes them more culpable.

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