Quote of the day—The left honourable ‏@bamboozled3

@statasiore I dont need a weapon to face the world nor do I need a surrogate @NRA penis-anyway u indulge urself so 31k get shot ea yr in US

The left honourable ‏@bamboozled3
Tweeted on January 12, 2016
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

Via a tweet from Linoge.—Joe]

Update: Interesting… @bamboozled3 replied to the blog post title which showed up on Twitter:

11:16 AM PDT:
@JoeHuffman 31k US citizens killed ea yr-00s of schoolkids-on altar of #2A if that’s “liberty & justice for all” you can stick it, smartguy

3:19 PM PDT:
Perhaps we should ask @JoeHuffman if the 200 school shootings since Sandy Hook is just the price of his “liberty & justice”? #uscowardsrus

3:25 PM PDT:
http://twitter.com/JoeHuffman/status/762634496789270533 … This coward says #2A gun ownership provides “liberty & justice for all”Oh cept victims in over 200 school shootings
3:42 PM PDT I replied:
@bamboozled3 Your ignorance is like a black hole. I can’t imagine anyone or anything enlightening you so there is no point in trying.
3:45 PM PDT they replied and then blocked me:
@JoeHuffman Your cowardice is just a circle- there’s no end to it-time for you to get off my timeline, precious!
Had they wanted to debate the topic they could have left a comment here where we aren’t limited to 140 characters. But they weren’t interested in that.

13 thoughts on “Quote of the day—The left honourable ‏@bamboozled3

    • Here we criticize the authoritarian/communist/criminal class for resorting to dick jokes and then we toss out dick jokes at them. I don’t want to be part of that conversation.

  1. No bigot ever views himself as a bigot. In his mind it’s obvious that he’s smarter and you’re all just being dumb. So it is that it makes perfect sense;

    Criminals use guns, you use guns, hence you’re a criminal and, since the NRA supports gun ownership, it is a criminal organization.

    It’s just pure logic (of a sort). It works the same way for anything– a black person commits a crime, so hold all black people accountable. A white male is mean to someone, so all white males are suspect. Jews are successful in a time of depression, they must be up to something. A racist group moves into a North Idaho, so all North Idahoans are racist, QED.

    Strangely it doesn’t work that way with Muslims though. The meme there is;

    “Not ALL Muslims are terrorists, therefore no terrorists are Muslim. If a terrorist uses a gun though, it’s definitely the fault of all gun owners.”

    There’s a special exemption for homosexuals too. If a homosexual commits some horrible act, you’ll never ever ever hear a leftist (at least not in public) ever associate it with other homosexuals. They thus have their protected classes and their target classes, and the hypocrisy, surely, MUST be obvious to anyone. Yet it doesn’t seem to be obvious to everyone.

    We’re not dealing with the brightest bulbs, but that doesn’t mean the dim bulbs don’t pose a deadly threat. They’re being bred and manipulated by some pretty clever sons of bitches (and daughters of bitches – let’s not leave out the women-folk) too.

    How about Liberty and Justice for All? We should be asking The left honourable ‏@bamboozled3 what it is about liberty and justice for all that has him so confused and outraged.

  2. I know of other groups who didn’t think they needed a gun to face the world. In Russian the word for that group was “Kulaks”, and sometimes “Cossacks”. People who wished they had had a gun to face the world included the residents of Darfur, Bosnia, Serbia, in Rwanda, the Tutsi, and various people in Sri Lanka and a number of other places. Of course in those places “nature just took its course” and it’s too late now for them, and no use crying over the past. Maybe this CFB thinks that he will somehow be spared when the trucks come for his neighbors — Maybe he thinks he can rat them out faster than they can rat him out — although I’m sure he’s more disagreeable in general than his neighbors.

  3. Oh, and if the subject is at all complex, 140 characters only leaves room for dick jokes.

  4. “time for you to get off my timeline, precious!”

    This person apparently isn’t a big fan of freedom of speech either, hmm? When confronted, the preference seems to be to call names and shut down conversation.

    I doubt that person will show up here. Otherwise I’d be tempted to say: there’s wit, and there’s snark. They are not the same, just as making a convincing argument is not the same as showing how clever you are.

    You may THINK you don’t need a weapon to face the world. I pray you never do; in particular, I hope you never finding yourself needing a weapon and not having one.

  5. Either Mr.Bam Boozled has the most unfortunate name since Commodus…or he has no room to talk about cowardice.

  6. So are the hundred-million-plus people killed in the 20th C by their own governments, governments that could what they did because they banned private gun ownership and the victims couldn’t fight back, worth it? That’s leaving technical issues with their argument aside.

  7. Impenetrable arrogance coupled with absolute ignorance – textbook recipe for a liberal.

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  9. Twitter is a giant suck-hole of mental defectives and brainless sheep. I’m glad I quit it. The only one I miss is Iowahawk.

    • Yes, the more I see Twitter exchanges the more I’m confirmed in my plan never to participate.

      • Since it never occurred to me to participate, I never needed a plan one way or the other.

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