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In January 2015, the families of 10 victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook shootings filed suit against the Remington Outdoor Co., which manufactured the Bushmaster rifle used by Adam Lanza to kill his mother and students and teachers at the school. They filed a suit against Camfour Holding LLC, the gun’s distributor and Riverview Sales, the store where Lanza’s mother bought the gun.

They claimed the gunmaker and sellers knew civilians are unfit to operate the assault rifle and yet continue selling it to civilians, disregarding the threat the gun poses.

Daniel Tepfer
July 29, 2016
Gun control spotlight shines in Bridgeport court
[This is what they think of you. You are “unfit to operate ‘the assault rifle’”. If this claim is successfully litigated in court then expect manufacturers of modern sporting rifles to stop selling to private citizens.

Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


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  1. Seems like a deranged kid knew how to operate the so-called assault rifle just fine, and it functioned perfectly. From a manufacturer’s liability standpoint, the case should be dismissed with prejudice, immediately. Of course, that’s not what they meant when filing the suit.

  2. If they succeed, then we take our DD214’s to the gun shops and tell them, “I’m trained.”

    When they refuse to sell, we sue.

    Might as well take advantage of the general public liking veterans. I remember when they didn’t care for us much or not at all.

    • Progressives don’t like veterans much. Why else would they subject them to the VA? And you can expect that whatever appreciation they might have will vanish instantly the moment you express a desire to be armed.

      • Some of us subject ourselves to the tender mercies of the VA system only insofar as it is necessary to claim the benefits due us for our service. Other than that, I tend to stay as far away as possible.

  3. How interesting, that the LibTards conflate every ‘civilian’ with their own clueless Fellow Travelers.

    I was an infantry platoon sergeant in vietnam. During my training and my later service in a war zone, I trained in and/or trained others in the use of and/or used the following weapons:
    M14 rifle
    M16 rifle
    1911A1 pistol
    M79 grenade launcher
    M72 anti-tank weapon
    M60 (30 caliber) fully-automatic crew-served machine gun
    M2 (50 caliber) fully-automatic crew-served machine gun
    … and I also served (while in country) as an evaluator for a proposed “four-round semi-automatic rocket launcher … which I reported was ‘not suitable for any conceivable infantry weapon’.

    And yet these fearful people continue to judge others by their own hopolophobia.

    Essentially, anyone who says that “civilians are unfit to use” any individual infantry weapon seems to forget that there are literally millions of trained, experienced ex-service people in America. When they tar us all with the same brush, they insult those millions and the service they have performed.

    Nobody with any experience is going to say that civilians are ‘unfit to use’ a simple semi-automatic rifle for whatever legal purpose. Hell, look at the Florida shooter .. he seems to have grasped the concept with extreme efficiency.

    What they mean is, civilians CAN use an AR15, but they don’t trust the millions who use the model because of a very few who abuse the right.

    It’s like saying that civilians are unfit to use an automobile, because some people abuse that privilege.

    Sometimes I wish I could meet these nay-sayers so I could bitch-slap them. But that would be just wrong.

    Satisfying, but still wrong.

    • Don’t bother trying to defend yourself. It is not that the authoritarians are actually afraid that we’re unfit. That’s a shtick. To a Progressive everyone is “unfit” and therefore need to be controlled at every turn in life.

      No, Young Grasshopper; their worst fear is not that we are unfit, but that we are fit. There’s nothing a sociopath hates and fears more than an awake, very fit, relatively innocent man with a good heart and good judgement. It blows his whole game, don’t you know.

      Your very existence is an outrage to them, so no; they’re not worried about criminals, hucksters, gangsters, jihadis, bounders, cads, scammers, robbers, rapists, murderers and charlatans. Those they can get along with.

      No, Sir; they’re worried about the good citizen, because only the good citizen poses any threat to their way of life. A good citizen with a gun is a bad dream, and a good citizen with a gun, who is awake, has a knowledge of history and an articulate voice is a worst-scenario, a fucking nightmare. THE fucking nightmare! Never forget it.

  4. Can we get a lawyer to file a class action lawsuit on behalf of all of the AR-15 owners for defamation?

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