Quote of the day—Jonathan S.

The last time Muslims took to beheading Roman Catholic priests, the Roman Catholics damn near burned the Middle East to the ground.

For as important as the Muslims are to history, they sure don’t study it very much.

Jonathan S.
Posted on Facebook July 26, 2016
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


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  1. “… they [white people] don’t tear up their own neighborhoods or burn down their own communities like y’all do. They come to the neighborhoods of the people who threaten them and burn THEIR communities down and kill THEM. They have burned down whole CONTINENTS.”

    – a smuggler of note

  2. Back after 9/11 one of the most sobering things I read was an analysis of how George Bush managed public opinion to avoid genocide against the Muslims. The article concluded with the thought that everything the US has done since then has been to continue avoiding genocide against them, and that the option of genocide remains available to our nation’s leadership at any time.

    Here’s praying some few among the Muslims realize this truth and act upon it.

    • Not so minor quibble: There cannot be genocide against muslims. Muslim is a faith, not a genetic line. There are black (Nation of Islam), brown (Indonesia, Arab nations), yellow (Uyghur) and white muslim populations in the world.

      That aside, would islamic radicalization have spread and grown like it has if it had been stepped on hard immediately after 9-11? Coddling a toddler having a tantrum leads to a mal-adjusted teen that thinks throwing a tantrum and books is a valid form of expression, and then a bullying and violent and uncontrolled adult.

      When the Germans (for example) got uppity with the Romans, did they dialog? No, they slaughtered. After a a couple thousand years of harsh winnowing of the gene pool to select for civilized behavior, Germans are civilized. They respect the rule of law, orderliness, they work hard, they save for the future, etc. Chinese emperors have being doing the same in China for even longer. Where else has had the same sort of selection process been happening (not just fighting with loads of random killing, but the destruction of genes that are not self-disciplined, are not smart, and cannot plan for the future)? Generally speaking, the colder/harsher the climate, the higher the cost imposed on the inability to exert self-control and plan for the future because crops have a limited growing season and hunting opportunities are not as numerous.

      It could well be that excessive restraint will up the final body count hugely by giving fundamental Islam time to spread instead of seeing it as the destructive and intolerant force it is. If the first few boatloads of islamic “refugees” got sunk by the navy crossing the Med and the border to Europe was closed, they’d be highly motivated to fix their problems at home, and they’d not face the increasingly likely chance of resurging nationalism in Europe killing millions that fled there and are now acting like guest that are very much over-staying their welcome.

      As one man said (paraphrased) Elect nationalists now and ship the non-Christian immigrants home now, or elect ultra-nationalist in a few years and bury the immigrants in unmarked mass graves. Or see Europe disappear as a part of western civilization.

      Time will tell.

      • I’m not sure about your “selecting for civilized behavior” point. Many of the nations of Europe are only barely civilized, going back only a few years (former Yugoslavia) or decades (Germany). Some aren’t yet (Russia). It may be that it’s more fear of the consequences that keeps them in check. And the issue with the jihadis is that they have not learned this yet.

      • There cannot be genocide against muslims. Muslim is a faith, not a genetic line.

        So do you not characterize the Holocaust as “attempted genocide of the Jews”?

        • Remember that Judaism is a national identity as well as a religion; conversion tantamount to adoption into the tribe.

        • “Jew” in European sense of the word has little to do with religion. “Secular Jew” is a perfectly descriptive term there describing a person of certain ethnic background.

  3. “For as important as the Muslims are to history, they sure don’t study it very much.”

    Or they have listened to the Pope’s speeches. When a leader makes insipid speeches from a self-loathing position of weakness, it shows the people under him are rudderless.

    The same could be said about our current President. We’ve had several major terrorist attacks on his watch, and he doesn’t even stop his golf game.

    If the Imperial Japanese bombed Hawaii tomorrow, Obama would apologize.

    So despite history, so far the Jihadis haven’t been wrong yet.

  4. Of course we now have a Pope that actually believes the socialist leanings of the church instead of just paying lip service….

  5. Religiocide, then.
    And to preempt the Humpty-Dumpty’s of the left, the west has done its best in the last 100 years to NOT commit Religiocide. The approach in Afghanistan and Iraq has exceeded General Crook’s efforts to de-tribalize the natives by attempting to punish only the individuals committing the attacks/crimes/atrocities, and not conducting punishment on a culture-wide scale.

    • I strongly suspect that the result of the first use of a “weapon of mass destruction” on the US (or Europe) will result in the disappearance of the Arab and Persian peoples. This will probably start with the removal of the current “political leadership” of most all of the Western Civ countries, prior to the initiation of the festivities. The fact that they are still allowing them to play around with such types of weapons shows how truly naive and foolish they are. Or evil. Same difference, same result.
      We are going to end up in a very unhappy world, at this rate.

      • For the US, I suspect you’re right. At least if the bad guys target DC rather than a useful city (because then the politicians would be mostly gone, and real people would be left). For the case of Europe, I doubt it. Even the French seem to be uninclined to take meaningful action right now (after Nice and Paris etc.), and they are by far the most aggressive among Western European nations. One reason is that few (if any) of those countries have the capacity even if they had the will; many have no meaningful military capacity at all.

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