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Overall, economic inequality and student loans top this issues list with 21 percent each, followed by protecting gun rights, equal pay for women and preserving access to abortion, at 11 percent apiece. Remaining issues tested – lowering taxes and strengthening the military – are in the single digits.

Langer Research Associates
April 2016
ABC News/Refinery29 Poll: Millennial Women
[The wording of questions is critical in polls so I looked it up for this case:

Apart from big issues like terrorism, the economy, health care and immigration, there are other issues that may come up in the presidential campaign. Of the ones I list, please tell me which one is the most important issue to you: protecting gun rights, economic inequality, equal pay for women, preserving access to abortion, student loan debt, strengthening the military, lowering taxes, or something else?

The question appears to be well worded. The answers were:


Protecting gun rights 11
Economic inequality 21
Equal pay for women 11
Preserving access to abortion 11
Student loan debt 21
Strengthening the military 4
Lowering taxes 8
Other (vol.) 11
No opinion 2

Right there is 11% of the young women who will not be voting for Hillary!

Also note that this was in March of this year. Since then, with all the terrors attacks on defenseless private citizens, I would expect the gun rights category would have increased some. Every terrorist attack between now and November is another few percentage points Hillary loses in the election and women are where many of those are going to come from.—Joe]


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  1. “Right there is 11% of the young women who will not be voting for Hillary!” Maybe so. But that assumes they realize that Hillary is absolutely opposed to gun rights. It seems that many people don’t know that. How else can you explain gun owners who vote Democrat?

    • How else can you explain gun owners who vote Democrat?

      Firearm rights isn’t a litmus test for them. Some other issue is more important – like, per the above results, “income equality” (i.e. “envy”).

      (Hey, Joe – comments appear to strip the <I> and <EM> tags – can you permit them? Quoting with italics looks better than quoting with boldface. Thanks!)

      • Last I looked italics worked just fine…

        Good point on the litmus test, or not. Somewhat like all those Jewish voters who vote for the anti-Israel party because they hold leftism to be more important than Judaism.

        • Sorry for the confusion – it didn’t work within a <blockquote> tag. I suspect a stylesheet is at fault, as I just commented on another post with just the blockquote and it’s now italicized automatically.

          • Tags are generally toggles, so an i tag within a blockquote cancels italic:

            this is a blockquote and this is within an i tag and this is not

  2. Most polls are so oversimplified as to be worthless. Or worse than worthless. One who hates gun rights and wishes to exterminate all gun owners by burning at the stake may very well check the “gun rights” box. The point is that checking that box that says little to nothing about which side of the “gun rights issue” he has taken. If the person taking the poll sees this, he may not participate, he may check the box because it comes closest to his opinion or he may check “no opinion” even though he has a very strong opinion. I see a poll like that, I move right along and leave it alone. Most any NRA poll fits into that category also.

    This poll addresses which “issues” are more important, without delving into one’s stance on those issues. I know it says “preserving” gun rights, but don’t make the mistake of believing that everyone who checked that box is in favor of the second amendment as we know it.

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  4. Right there is 11% of the young women who will not be voting for Hillary!

    “Gun rights” implies a pro-gun viewpoint where “gun control” would indicate anti-gun. One wonders how many chose that in error, thinking it meant gun control.

    One also wonders how many may have selected that option who also consider equal-pay and/or abortion rights just as important — and will take the best 2-out-of-3 option.

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