Quote of the day—Rae Witte

More women should have guns. And since it’s abundantly clear that they’ll commit less violence than men and be vulnerable to violence committed by men, let’s take all the guns away from men and give them to women. In fact, let’s only give guns to women.

Rae Witte
July 21, 2016
Here’s An Idea: Only Women Should Have Guns
[Here’s an idea: never let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Rae Witte

  1. In other words, Rae is openly and blatantly sexist.

    I am offended at the gross generalizations she(?) hurls at the more diverse sex.

  2. Same problem still exists in her rainbow-fart filled utopia, namely male criminals will always get and use firearms and other weapons, but now there will be no good guy males with firearms to stop them.

    Rae Witte, your idea is sexist and stupid.

  3. I’m surprised that she didn’t also say that since women only make 78 cents on the dollar compared to men that companies should hire only women and so receive an immediate 22% reduction in wage costs.

  4. If we can ban Muslims because they might be terrorists, why can’t we take guns away from men because they might be mass shooters?

    I think Donald Trump would see the logic in this.

    • There are at least two different ways this logic fails:

      1) Muslims who are not citizens do not have a right to be in this country. Men in this country legally, with certain rare exceptions, have the specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms.
      2) The fraction of the men who are mass shooters is smaller than the fraction of the Muslim immigrants who are terrorists.

    • By that logic there’s something else that could be taken from men because they might be rapists. Need I elaborate?
      There is a concept in constitutional laws called “prior restraint”, which means, in this situation, to quote Tam, “my gun didn’t kill anyone last night, so hands off.”
      Also, as Joe implies, there is no right to enter the country.

      • Or perhaps women should wear chastity belts because they might engage in prostitution. Only their parents or husbands may have a key.

        Huge logic fail.

        • Parents or husbands? This could be either a terribly sexist and patriarchal statement by a holder of white privilege, or a fine example of cultural and religious diversity that should be encouraged in its expression at every turn. Maybe these women should go outside only in pairs or greater numbers, or when escorted by a male family member,

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