Quote of the day—Ed Driscoll

Hillary’s entire career has been dedicated to taking things away from you “on behalf of the common good,” to borrow from her rare moment of candor in 2004. It’s the intellectual milieu she’s been steeped in for her entire adult life.

Ed Driscoll
July 18, 2016
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Ed Driscoll

  1. It’s impossible not to consider the possibility of HRC seizing or being installed into the Presidency. If so, I believe that events will unfold which mean the end of the United States as we’ve known it.

    To my mind, the most likely scenario is some catastrophic event (most likely man made) and a lack of a 9/11 sense of unity due to the increased hostility between the “left” and “right” camps.

    • I agree. If trump moves too high in the polls they will have to do something. Can’t have an alpha male, any alpha male, in charge. Not saying trump is good, just saying the freak out by the NWO is real.

    • I recently read a very long list of people whose lives ended in odd ways, all of whom had some sort of quarrel with or undesirable knowledge about the Clinton family. It seems that not all of the entries in that list were factually accurate, but it certainly had a lot of stuff in it. I think one person was described as having suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the head, a situation the coroner concluded was “suicide”.

  2. I was wrong. Her name must be Hillary Common Clinton as she is seem to come out on good side of everything.

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