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    • My thought exactly. On the other hand, the old symbol clearly depicts a cigarette, and stupid pot smokers apparently take that mean “no tobacco”. Tobacco smokers always understood it applied to cigars and pipes though.

      Hippies have strangely messed up minds. You do of course remember the decades-long campaign against the tobacco companies. No hippie alive ever associated pot smoking with the evil dangers we were told came with second-hand smoke to second-hand pot smoke, or second-hand crack, etc. Pot and crack don’t come from a large corporation, you see.

      Once we realized we’ve all been conditioned from exposure to a lifetime of official lies, these things start to become clear.

      The authoritarians want us to be freaked out and irritated by “second-hand (tobacco) smoke” but we should be releasing studies on the far greater dangers of second-hand lies.

      • For decades it was claimed by potheads that pot smoking was safer than tobacco smoking. With use becoming more widespread as it becomes legal in more states, we will have a population large enough to test that thesis on. Partially burned hydrocarbons and cellulose, tars, and a host of other chemicals are present in Marijuana just like in other plants.

        About five years ago Clayton Cramer reported a meta-study on his blog that indicated there was a one-in-eleven chance that a pot smoker could be diagnosed with schizophrenia after very few uses. And there was no way to figure out ahead of time who was susceptible.

        • “schizophrenia after very few uses” would explain the behaviour of some of my former neighbors. Any followup on that meta-study?

          • What on earth is a “meta-study”? And is there any reason to believe in its validity? From what I saw, going to college in the 1970s, it strikes me as utter crap.

          • A meta-study is a study of the previous studies. As for validity, I dunno, that’s why I asked if there was a follow up.

  1. How long will that sign on the right last? After all, it WAS prescribed by a (tame) doctor for something deemed a medical condition.
    I can’t forget what a retired judge once said when I was in a mediation: “I can get a doctor to say anything I want, and I’m poor.”

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