Markley’s Law equivalent for woman?

Via a tweet from Dana Loesch:

@DLoesch very weak sauce Dana. You must have woke up on the opposite side of your gun barrel dildo. Yes, Dana Loesch makes love to her guns

Saucy Minx ‏@SaucyMinxed
Tweeted July 19, 2016

Is this going to be the Markley’s Law equivalent response to women gun ownership?

These people are so clever and classy.

We have SCOTUS decisions. They have Jr. High level insults.


12 thoughts on “Markley’s Law equivalent for woman?

    • I find them endlessly fascinating. It’s like watching rats scurrying around in response to turning on the light. Statistically the response is predictable but individually the route they take is unique.

  1. If guns are penis substitutes then it follows, though it violates the safety rules.

  2. “We have SCOTUS decisions.”

    Until we don’t.

    Then again we do have unalienable human rights. Citing SCOTUS is an appeal to authority, and our rights do not come from any Earthly authority. Human rights are inherent and immutable. They can be either violated or respected, but no one can alter them or remove them.

    The courts are being used as a weapon to modify the constitution, and that is why I bring it up. All we really ever have therefore is the principled argument, because words on paper are worth only the salvage value of the used paper.

    If we appeal to authority as a replacement for principles, the enemy will be glad to have that argument, and they will win that argument every time for our enemy is the authoritarian system.

    • I believe the reason they insult us is to make themselves feel above us and to justify in their minds whatever ill treatment they have in mind for us. “Unalienable human rights” are meaningless to these people and appealing to them will get you laughed at, ignored, and/or confirm their belief of us as ignorant scum not worthy of consideration. SCOTUS decisions have the force of government behind them which is something they acknowledge and they will, to some degree, recognize as a greater force than their childish insult.

      Hence, by invoking SCOTUS in response to their insult we get the upper hand on the playing fields of both principles and insults. We cannot let them believe they are superior to us and that we are ignorant scum unworthy of life and/or liberty. We must stand up to them in a words and deeds they understand and respect. The history of allowing progressives disrespectful attitudes toward their enemies is filled with the bodies of 10’s of millions of people.

    • I think you took it the wrong direction. Allow me to draw an analogy. I picked one of those “coffee table” books on archeaology off my shelf to glance through. It was pleasing to read, but it struck me that the writing was perhaps 7th-grade level. Then I realized that the level of writing was now more likely upper-classmen college level. I’m afraid the insults are far more representative of adult thinking than we’d like to admit.

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