Save lives! Ignore the Bill of Rights extremists

It occurs to me that we need some common sense regulation to prevent the tragedies in Orlando and Dallas. The Bill of Rights is not a suicide pact and the 1st Amendment extremists need to compromise for the safety of everyone.

The five dead and nine wounded in Dallas was predictable, preventable, and should never happen again. All it would take would be a small amount of compromise by the extremists in this country who refuse to consider the most common-sense measures that almost everyone can agree on.

Nearly the same thing can said about the 49 murdered and 53 wounded in Orlando last month. Something like that is entirely predictable and preventable.

Here’s what everyone with a shred of common sense can obviously agree on:

  • The whole “black lives matter” talk should have been shut down as soon as the emotions started getting hostile. Yes, the 1st Amendment says we have a right to free speech but that was before social media, text messages, and email. Bad ideas can travel so fast that people don’t have a cooling off period before a critical mass has formed and we have mass demonstrations before the hot heads get a chance to think thing through. The 1st Amendment was fine when mass distribution of dangerous ideas by common folk meant standing on a soap box in the town square and hoping someone would listen to you.
  • There are virulent strains of both Christianity and Islam are literally deadly to the LGBT community. Again, the 1st Amendment is perceived as a block to common sense regulation by the 1st Amendment extremists. But that was a time when homosexuality not seen for what it is. We now know that, at worst, it is minor quirk of nature in expression of one’s sexual desires that is almost entirely harmless. It’s time to put an end to the violence. All reasonable people must agree that all writings and speech which speak ill of alternate expressions of sexuality or gender must be banned and vigorously rooted and and destroyed. Yes, people have a 1st Amendment right to religion. But there are lots of religious to choose from which are not so dangerous. And the extremists almost never mention the first part of the 1st Amendment, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…” My common sense proposal doesn’t establish a religion. It merely bans a small subset of religions that are incompatible with modern day society. So how can my proposals possibly be considered as an infringement? It’s just common sense.

Thousands of lives each year of depend upon these sort of common sense laws. We can respect the 1st Amendment and yet save countless lives every year if we don’t let the extremists get in our way.

[end sarcasm]


10 thoughts on “Save lives! Ignore the Bill of Rights extremists

  1. Well done.

    Our problem is that many Progressives will read that and agree with it.

    To you and me it comes across as cutting sarcasm, showing the stupidity and either the blindness or hypocrisy of leftist argument.

    To the authoritarian it simply makes sense and is worth considering.

  2. Well done, Joe. As long as you have reasonable regulation, it’s not really infringement. You really don’t “need” to join one of those high capacity assault religions to worship your particular imaginary friend or other deity. You can get along just fine with the normal, established religions that doesn’t bug people.

    I’m also for restricting those open carry religions like SDA, JW, or LDS – I mean, it’s fine to worship in your own church, but proselytizing your faith is so confrontational. It makes me want to retreat to my safe space.

  3. Sadly, there are masses on the left that will not recognize this as sarcasm, but a reasonable proposal.

    After all, it’s common sense, as it were. The Founders did’t have the necessary diversity to be inclusive. Hell, I bet not a single one of those founders identified as LGTB. They were all cis! And male! A document that reflects the thinking of such a privileged group cannot apply to our inclusive, diverse society. Think of the children! If it only saves one life! Oh, the humanity!! (Did I write humanity? That’s not right; it says “man,” and leaves out the feminine. Let’s see . . . Oh, the homo sapiensishness!!! Oh, but that’s got “homo” in it, used as a slur by the privileged cis. what to do, what to do?

    Oh, the horror. The Constitution was written by slave-owning white guys. It’can’t be that it’s actual, like, law or anything.

    Do I actually have to put /sarc/?

    • Not really inclusive enough – to be truly inclusive, we need to extend those rights universally. Who’s to say that humans have more rights than invertebrates?

      • As I’ve pointed out before, the right of self defense is recognized even by mushrooms. (Ask any amanita.)

  4. We can claim this is satire and sarcasm, but isn’t this the problem raised by the Little Sisters of the Poor or Hobby Lobby in their lawsuits? There are other issues, to come, too, with hiring practices, but essentially to the Left the various Christian sects should be social clubs, with less doctrinal basis than Lions, Elks, Moose, Odd Fellows, Kiwanis or Rotary.

    It remains to be seen what happens with Islam.

    The Leftist State is a jealous god and the people who will be saved by the Left, want it or not, shall have no other god before it

    • The State like Islam, because both are totalitarian, authoritarian political systems that require obedience, not necessarily belief. They are useful to one another.

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