Quote of the day—David Hardy

Some sorta academic clown suggests he and some buddies might storm NRA headquarters.

It’d be like “The Keystone Cops Storm Okinawa.” Amusing, but rather messy for the cleanup crews. Of course an anti gunner sees nothing wrong with homicide, that’s not really the issue….

David Hardy
July 6, 2016
It is possible he and his friends might make it to the elevators
[Delusions are often functional.

In this case my hypothesis is the academic clown is able to imagine some sort of control over his hated enemy in his delusional universe and this gives him comfort that he is lacking in the real world.—Joe]


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  1. “Look, there’s only one solution. A bunch of us anti-gun types are going to have to arm ourselves, storm the NRA headquarters in Fairfax, VA, and make sure there are no survivors,”

    Reading this, I took the “no survivors” part to mean the storming anti-gunners.

  2. Since Virginia is a shall-issue state and that’s where the NRA is located, I think it’s safe to assume that the percentage of NRA employees who have a permit and a firearm close at hand at work is very close to unity.

    Over on Quora.com someone asked what would happen if someone tried this. I had to respond.

    Once you drew your gun and fired the first round, my guess is that you’re resemble a well used target for jacketed hollow-point defensive ammunition. It’s likely all the noise would be over in 6–7 seconds, maybe less. You might have had better odds attacking the Marines at Camp Fallujah, Iraq.

    Once the authorities finish shampooing his remains out of the lobby carpeting they’ll leave shaking their heads about such a boneheaded move.

    • Who really knows? Fort Hoot was essentially a gun free zone asking to be attacked, and probably still is. For all I know, NRA HQ is a gun free zone, at least prohibiting the carrying of loaded guns. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

      • NRA HQ has a firing range *on premises*, and I’m told by folks who have visited that they have armed security present.

        I don’t know if employees can carry or not, but I imagine they can.

        • They can. The NRA allows employees to concealed carry on the premises subject to possessing a Virginia carry permit.

  3. Uh oh the safe space army has a plan.
    For these people it’s always been about boxcars.
    Don’t want to turn over your weapons. Boxcar for you.
    Don’t want cross dressers in your kids school bathroom. Boxcar for you.
    Don’t t believe in global warming. Boxcar for you.
    Don’t want unknown people streaming across the border. Boxcar for you.
    Don’t want military aged males jihadis from shitholes around the world dropped in your community. Boxcar for you.

    How about this. I’m not a unarmed jew hiding from Nazis in a basement.
    I’m an armed American, your threats don’t scare me, your BLM troops in the street don’t scare me. Your rhetoric doesn’t scare me.

    There is no safe space outside the walls of your institution.
    We’re out here.
    Your move professor.

  4. We will be safe only once we are forcibly stripped of the means of defending ourselves.

    That’s a tenet of authoritarianism passed down to us though the millennia.

  5. It amuses me to no end how the originator of the threat started professing vehemently that the whole thing was “just a joke” once he realized he got his… appendage… stuck in the meat grinder.

    Bully’s tactics never change, from the kindergarten playground to the ivory towers.

  6. “Just a joke”… the classic response of the bully required to answer for his/her actions.

    A PJMedia columnist opined, a while back, that there is no such thing as “just kidding” – that no one EVER says that, except when a hand is caught in the cookie jar. (Personally, I disagree. I often say things that are not meant to be taken seriously, and then I add “just kidding” to make SURE they’re not taken seriously. But I certainly know people who abuse the phrase.)

    Frankly, when a person says “just kidding”, I think the burden is on them to demonstrate that they didn’t mean what they originally said.

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