1 thought on “Anti-gun congressional staffers and gun free homes

  1. I like it, though I wish they’d have taken the Progressive argument, you know, that’s generations old and still going, that the mere presence of guns provokes violence. That being the case, then you could argue that having the sign prominently displayed on your front door means you’re extra, super safe. Since you’re utterly incapable of defending yourself, your provocation level is zero, and you’re safety is therefore guaranteed.

    Zero guns in the home = zero provocation = zero danger. It’s simple math, and you can’t argue with math.

    They’d have to agree. They screamed, having aneurisms, for eight years during the Bush administration that fighting terrorists did NOTHING but create more terrorists, that the U.S. military did NOTHING but provoke violence by their mere presence, that our fighting against jihad was the best recruiting tool the jihadists ever had. The only way to stop violence, they told us, fingers wagging in our faces, is to convince any would-be criminals that we mean them no harm. We after all, are to blame for poverty and poverty (and climate change due to our success) is to blame for violence.

    It follows then, that total helplessness is the only way to guarantee peace and safety, and from that it follows that advertising your total helplessness is the fastest way to say “I love you. You can therefore pass me by and go attack my armed neighbors instead – they deserve it. Thank you.”

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