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Sometimes information can move in two different directions on the same communication link. This may mean you can utilize your enemies communication channel for your own purposes.

I received this via email:

Hey Joe,

I hope you don’t mind me contacting you. I came across a website through the magazine The Week. The website is called Their goal is to drive people to funds that contain little or no gun related stocks. I just used it to discover one of my funds was 0% gun stocks, I then proceeded to use the same website to find another fund that was more heavily invested in gun stocks and transferred a chunk of money to that one.

I don’t have the reach that bloggers like yourself have so I thought I would alert you to this. Wouldn’t it be great if we could co-opt this into a way to direct MORE money to gun friendly business?

Just a thought.




4 thoughts on “Investing advice

  1. I’m 100 percent for the information being available to all. I’m 100 percent for free markets, mutually agreed upon exchange, and Un-manipulated capital markets. Profits are what drives stock prices. All the rest is noise.
    Want to support the firearms industry? Buy their products. Only the large institutional (banks) buyers can move a stock because they decide to. They have the money to buy or sell large, block volumes of shares. Companies make more money, the stock goes up, the inverse is also true. Want to help? Buy more guns.

    The rule of law is dead, supply and demand is not.

  2. I like what you say, Fred.
    I gotta stop drinking while reading Joe’s blog.
    “The rule of law is dead, supply and demand is not.” immediately made me hear the voice of an OccupyWhatever nit saying “I demand you supply me with a gun”. Anyways, almost all my discretionary debt is gun related so now I feel patriotic. Or something.

  3. Weird. Wal-Mart is counted as a gun stock, apparently because ~2200 of its stores sell guns and ammo.

    Having a bit of trouble finding a ‘gun stock’ that isn’t Wal-Mart.

    Maybe this is just a re-skinned ‘dump Wal-Mart’ app?

    EDIT — Never mind, found their list way at the bottom of the page. Still, Wal-Mart is the biggie everywhere. Where’s the fund that has a mix of Olin, Ruger, S&W and Vista Outdoor?

  4. I have my own informal social responsibility fund with investments in tobacco, guns, autos, fossil energy and pharma. It does quite well.

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