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I’ve had Dillon Precision presses for ~20 years. No idea how many rounds I’ve loaded, but I remember buying primers by the case several times. Not quite this level, but enough to give the anti-gunnies conniptions. The Square Deal B is my go-to press for pistol cartridges. I’ve not used it in a while, though, between work, kids, writing, and everything else.

Anyway, when I went to assemble some 38 Special ammo today it wasn’t feeding primers reliably. Long story short, I call Dillon Precision’s tech support (they have a toll free number), get charged nothing, get my answer, and they are sending some replacement little plastic gizzies (technical term, that) which go on the end of the primer feed tube, mailed out tomorrow at no charge. He also told me how to clean the primer feed tube by pushing an alcohol-dipped Q-tip through it with the primer follower. That got quite a spectacular bit of corrosion / crud out of it, and it definitely feeds better, now. Not quite perfectly, but a great improvement.

Dillon presses are not the cheapest on the market, but I have never been disappointed by the presses or the technical support. As a former tech-support guy myself, I have high standards, and they meet them every time. If you plan on doing reloading, you can do much worse than Dillon.


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  1. joe:

    over 40 years ago my brother bought me an rcbs rock chuck combo. i’ve loaded everything from .380 auto to 7mm rem mag with it, and fabricated .358 norma mag cases and a couple wildcats that required case fabrication. i’ve tried hornady dies, and other “exotic” new and improved stuff, but, i always come back to the rock chucker and rcbs dies.

    i inherited my brother’s dillon, a 550 i think, and i like it for pistol cartridges, but it just wasn’t up to doing rifle cartridges: i sold it to a neighbor. (nothing beats the “little blue magazine,” though and i read it regularly when i can get a hold of one. go figure.)

    i am a northwest sort of guy. i like rcbs, speer, nosler and leupold. i would buy nightforce were the products not so ludicrously expensive. i just like to buy local.

    john jay

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