Quote of the day—Robert J. Avrech

The truth is quite simple. IslamoNazi ideology is spreading like a cancer across the globe. The only way to defeat this scourge is on the battlefield, and through effective counter propaganda.

America accomplished these twin goals in World War II — by reducing Germany and Japan to ashes. Half-measures are doomed to failure. The only language radical Islam understands is the language of brute power.

And apparently, the only language the Democrats understand is Orwellian Newspeak.

Robert J. Avrech
June 21, 2016
Democrats Believe Orlando Massacre is America’s Fault
[While I agree with most of this there is a difference between WW II and now. We are now in a 4th generation style war which is primarily composed of violent non-state actors instead of nation states. Our response to the asymmetric war we are in must be different than that of WW II. My hypothesis is that the best response will involve an increase in the non-state actors on our side as well as our traditional military forces. My vision of our non-state actors are private citizens able and willing to deliver firepower to the enemy in the first few seconds of an attack.

Defenseless innocent people are an invitation to attack. Politicians who disarm people via “gun-free zones” should be considered guilty of treason in the time of war and treated as such.—Joe]


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  1. I would say that we have to be careful and not allow ourselves to use the language of the Left, which is created with an intent to obfuscate and deceive.

    I say that “nation-states,” in the modern Western sense, don’t exist in the Middle East, other than Israel and–maybe–Turkey, with one possible exception we’ll revisit in a moment. Governments are corrupt and inept organized crime families organized along tribal lines–in other words, indistinguishable from whatever rebel group we’re trying to eradicate and/or install this week.

    Borders are unenforced, unenforcable lines on maps the European colonial powers drew up a century or more ago, maps that the illiterate government goons hold upside down if they can even find them. Borders are porous and permeable, generally not patrolled unless it is in the ruling party’s interest to have patrols today, because that would cost money.

    To the extent that a nation-state in the sense we think of it exists in the Middle East at all today, other than Israel and Turkey, it is the Islamic State. Or call it Al-Khilafa, the Caliphate, because they certainly do. Whether its borders can truly have any correspondence to the area ISIS controls this afternoon is uncertain. The Caliphate exists in every nation that knows Sharia law, and the distinction of whether it is imposed by “rebels” or “the state” is a distinction without a difference. In a very real way, the Caliphate extends from Morocco to the Sulu Sea. The Caliphate is every majority-Moslem land where there is agitation for Sharia and for the Jihad against the West; whether these things are official government policy or something that an influential mullah preaches to an adoring mob of illiterates is, again, a distinction without a difference.

    Now that that’s been settled, now let the targeteers draw up operational plans for counterforce and countervalue strikes, and let’s see whether our current nuclear arsenal, in its atrophied state, is up to the task of deterrence. Do we have enough warheads to go around and do a thorough job? Because if we half-ass it, in a year or a generation the terrorism will start again, and we’ll have to do it all over again.

    I have said this previously: sooner or later we in the West are going to have to respond to Islam with more than just these expensive little half-assed, kid-gloves, one-hand-tied-behind-our-backs wars, in which we order men to die rather than shoot back at a fortified mosque that is “Shia Islam’s thirty-seventh holiest shrine” and bow and scrape and apologize and pay the Danegeld to every opium farmer who says his camel stepped on a mine, to overthrow a few of the more loud-mouthed warlords. The only question is whether we’re going to wait until Manhattan, Los Angeles, Rome, Berlin, Paris, and London are puddles of radioactive glass courtesy of Iranian or Pakistani nuclear weapons. It is inevitable. I’ve made my peace with it. When are we going to do what we know is necessary, and how many Westerners will die while we dither and twiddle our thumbs and mumble about “non-state actors” and try to summon up our great-grandparents’ manhood?

    But let me simplify it further. Let’s say that, tomorrow, entropy increases a bit further in Mexico, and some group with a hard-on for Los Gringos (that’s us) takes over a military arsenal and a border town, and begins shelling Brownsville or San Bernadino, killing hundreds. Is the proper response a strongly-worded letter to the President of Mexico–or, rather, call him the Mayor of Mexico City, because his writ extends no further, begging him to stop? The shelling is casus belli. The US military will have to cross the border to make it stop. The protestations of the Mayor of Mexico City are irrelevant (and the angry anti-American speeches that will be made in the UN even more so–why are we still a member state, again?)–if the area is under his control he is responsible, if the area is not under his control then he has still permitted this to take place by failing to control the border areas and we are still at war with him. The sole question of import is how many Americans will die before we find our gonads and cross the border to put a permanent stop to the attacks, preferably in a manner calculated to discourage future imitators.

  2. I’m not sure you can win any style of warfare by being reactive.
    You need to put the other side on the defensive.

    My old boxing coach would say if your fast enough to be a counter puncher, your fast enough to strike first.

  3. If instead of 49 dead it had only been a boyfriend and girlfriend, I would say that the Leftist scum are blaming the victim, which I thought was doubleplusungood.

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