New Hillary slogan

From John F. on Facebook:

Grandma Hillary has a new opportunity for a campaign slogan: “Incompetence bordering on criminal.

Well, she might, using different words claim something like that. It actually was significantly over the border. She was well into illegal alien territory. I just wish we could “deport” her to Leavenworth.


3 thoughts on “New Hillary slogan

  1. I’ll vote for Trump to vote against that woman who is running for President.
    I can just about guarantee they’re going to launch a slogan/meme that voting for Trump makes you a “sexist” or a misogynist.
    They’re going to portray any negativity about Hillary as “old fashioned sexism” because “the right-wing doesn’t think a woman can do the job.”

    They will be wrong, of course. Lots of women could do the job. Just not Hillary.
    It’s not going to be about gender in this election, it’s going to be We don’t want a greedy, lying, self-aggrandizing fuckwit in charge – again.
    We’ll take a chance that Trump is the patriot people think he is.
    We’ll take a chance that Trump will be pragmatic in office and diplomatic with other nations.
    We’ll take a chance that even if the election is close, if Trump wins the GOP will back him in office.
    We’ll also take the chance that he will appoint people of integrity to cabinet posts.

    Why will we take all those chances?
    Because with Hillary as president, none of us will stand a chance to save America.

    • Boil the frog more slowly or more quickly. That’s the choice left to us by the political class. Liberty isn’t on the ballot.

    • I think rather than “the GOP will back him in office” we have to take the chance that “the GOP will act as a slight brake on unconstitutional lawlessness”.

      At this point I’m wavering between voting the straight Libertarian ticket, or writing in L. Neil Smith for president. I’ve already decided that Kelly Ayotte should not be elected to anything since she has clearly stated she does not honor the Constitution.

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